W.O.W Journals

Sorry for the two posts in one day...but I just had a "Light bulb" moment while doing the dishes..lol. Each week, we have a Word of the Week - a W.O.W word (haha - not only is an acronym, but it works great to describe it too!). Normally, we talk about it, and write it in our journals - and let me tell you  how frustrated I get. It may be because I'm so anal-retentive....but I don't think it is...nahhhh. It just bugs me to no end that these kids can't set up their paper how I have it demonstrated for them. Ok, yes, I know. I come from a higher grade where they're more independent. But that doesn't mean I can't set the expectation for them to rise to, does it?? Ok...so most of them can rise to it - but the handful who can't, I need to figure out a system that will work for ALL of us :) So, I JUST (like literally 5 minutes ago) created this paper for them to glue into their journals. (P.S....they're journals I use for journal prompts, math journals, poetry journals, AND W.O.W journals. They have an entire separate journal for their science notebook - as per our district.)

It's 2 on a page because, well, let's face it - they count our copies, so I cut down whenever possible.  Click HERE to get this.
I don't have them do it all in one day - we spend the whole week doing it.
Monday, we'll introduce the word (we'll - my intern and I)
Tuesday, we'll discuss guide words...and syllables (since it has it in there).
Wednesday - We'll have them regurgitate a definition in their own words.
Thursday - We all use it in a sentence.
Friday - They illustrate it and self-rate the word.

All of that maybe takes 5-10 minutes a day....we do this along with our Poem of the Week (P.O.W. - no, not a prisoner of war..lol).


Leslie said...

Love the format that you've laid out for the week. I think along these same kinds of lines (just with kinder stuff ;) Wish I had lightbulb moments during housecleaning - then I might do more of it!
- Leslie @Teaching Blog Addict

Jen R said...

haha...well I can imagine with little Kinders that you have to do a LOT of organizing for them :) And, how weird is it that cleaning is my happy time?? lol.

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