Math Board

I am LOVING my math board now....

ok, so it's more like an entire white board taken up with our math But my kids are doing SO awesome with it - even my low ones I see making great strides! It all started with a find on pinterest (what doesn't these days?? lol), which then led me to one of my fave blogs (of course), The Inspired Apple. I really liked the board she made for her room....
but, there were some things that I wanted to change to fit my own's what I made (p.s. - I'm VERY proud of my pig!! lol..I'm the most untalented drawer I know - ha!)

Each week, I have a different "Mathematician" in my class as a job...This is the student that fills out the math board...some weeks I know that I have to leave a little more extra time because they may struggle a little - but I'm telling you, by day 3, they are already 100 TIMES smarter!!! Seriously! No joke! This week, for mathematician just happened to land on one of my lowest students in my class. My intern asked if we could change it - haha..she knew it'd take FOREVER for her to get this accomplished...and the first day it did - we were about to pull out our hair, but we kept calm and smiled through assisting, on day #3 for her, she ZOOMED through the board! WOA!!! I was SO excited for her!!  AND THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS....I tell my intern. 
Do you see my deck of cards there??? I keep them out and handy as my random-number-generator...LOVE THEM!

The plus and minus posters were inspired by Fun in First, my intern found them and created them for our room.  

The 100s chart was one of my freebies from Highlights (you know, the slips you send home in the beginning of the year, and for so many responses you get, you can get rewards - yay for free!!) Each row of the 100s chart, we do a new pattern. I also have another 100s chart that is a poster, we use that all the time to do 100s chart activities each day. 

My Math centers posters are nothing fancy, but they get the job done! lol...I didn't want to put too much work into it until I knew that that's what I wanted - but so far, they're working! We do centers four times a week...but it's not like my reading centers. They only do one center a day. I rotate the title cards clockwise each day so that each student gets to go to that center each week. There is teacher table, word problem journal, number of the day, and activity center. There is extra room on the black papers for 2 reasons
1) I use numbers in my room, so it's much easier, quicker, and space (I learned that from MY intern teacher 10 years ago - and have used it with every class since - I couldn't live with out that system!!)
2) because there's extra room, I can write little notes of when people miss certain centers (because of pull-outs or absences)


Unknown said...

A math board is now my project for tomorrow!

Jen R said...

Let me know if you need anything to do it :)

Cindy said...

Looks GREAT! Thanks for posting it on Math Monday.
Cindy @ love2learn2day

Jessica Schulte said...

Looks GREAT! Thanks for posting it on Math Monday. Cindy @ love2learn2day

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