3D Plants

OMGosh! This week has been CRAZY!! I just can't get caught up it feels like. But I have been working on some super fun stuff this week with the body unit. I'm excited to show y'all after it's all wrapped up! 

So until then, I have something from one of our first grade teachers I want to show you. Yep...my 3rd plants posting in like two weeks..lol (You can click HERE and HERE to see the other posts). but I just HAD to show y'all this! I was walking down our hallway and saw what Mrs. Fallace had hanging up...

Aren't these so cute?? She took a straw (has to be green for the stem), and then stuck string through them for the roots!! It seems so simple - but so ingenious! lol! The kids traced and cut out the leaves and then crumpled up tissue paper to make the flowers. They were supposed to draw the dirt (like the top picture shows) so you can see the roots under the dirt. I just love these! Thank you, Mrs. Fallace, for letting me share your plants!

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