Handouts for parents

Ok, so we have parent teacher conferences coming VERY shortly....sigh. That's such a LONG day that turns into a night - but sometimes it's really worth it!!

Thinking of Teaching is having a linky party for this special occasion. :)

Some of the things I like to give my parents is a paper that shows just HOW important reading is and how it can impact their child. When you spell it out to parents like this, they are like WOW! Hunh...so THAT'S why you want my child to read so much..lol.
Click HERE to get this WOWWY info sheet

Then, with my BGL students, I share with my parents why they will be seeing a pack of flashcards coming home with their child each night - depending on the child, sometimes it's 5 and sometimes it's 10. But I show them where I get the words from and what they mean....why do they need to know these??? Well, it's because those are the most popular words in print!!

Click HERE to get a copy of the first 300 sight words.

There are so many more things to show parents, but mostly I like to pull reports off of our A3 system...it really breaks it down for them, showing how their child is doing versus where on the chart they SHOULD be. When they see pictures and graphs, they really get the "picture." hehehe.

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