Getting Ready for Reading Week!

This week is our week to celebrate reading!!  Throughout the week, our class will be having "Spirit Week" that coordinates with Seuss books.

I'll come back and share some fun ideas we did during the week!

Happy Reading Week!


Making Phonics Fun - Weekly Routine

So each week, we practice our words for the week... the same way each week. Kind of, anyway. It's the same "type" of skill....but it's different activities too.

Here's a run down of our activities:

Monday - Make a List Monday
On Mondays, we talk about our new phonics words...and what the rules are. Then we make a list on the chart paper....sometimes it's a cute picture, sometimes it's a bubble map, sometimes it's just a list. haha. 

Sometimes we make a list from a poem that I found that works for that week's skill.

And then for their seatwork that day, during centers, they make their own lists.  Sometimes it's on a fun craft....

Or maybe they are going to make a list from the poem we did together and then illustrate the poem.

Check out more about my poetry journals {HERE}.

Tuesday - Trade it Tuesday

This is a cooperative group strategy that we use in a LOT of different activities. I'm not really sure what it's called, because I've mixed and matched it. haha.

But they practice reading words with the phonics skills for the week and then trade it and move around to find a new partner.

The cards come from my phonics this one...

Wednesday - Walk the Room Wednesday

Wednesday's seatwork is to do "Walk the Room" I have a few different activities for this one. Sometimes I will take the cards we did for Tuesday's activity and hang them around the room - and the complete one of the walk the room activities from one of my phonics packs.

Sometimes it's a real/nonsense activity.

Thursday - Think About it Thursday

Thursday is all about them using their brainpower to think about things... like if it's a long or short sound...

or real or nonsense...

Friday - Fix-It Friday

They love Fridays. I make about 7-8 words all scrambled up and they cut them out, one at a time, and unscramble them...then write the words next to it.

I have a whole year's worth of Fix-It Phonics for 1st grade HERE.

A lot of these activities come from either my phonics packs - and I have them for pretty much ANY phonics skill you can think of for 1st and 2nd grade. Here's an example of what is included in most of them. You can check them out {HERE}.

I also do a lot of activities from my Real or Nonsense Packs. I have them for CVC, Blends, and 
Silent E right now, but I'll be working on the rest of the skills... 
I love using these for my RTI groups too!  Check them out {HERE}


Writing with Rubrics and More - Spring Edition

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know that the {Spring Edition} of my Writing with Rubrics and More packs has been uploaded!

Here's a little preview of what's included....

This one has TONS of writing pages because I feel like there are so many different writing activities you can do - ahhh!

And the word bank folders that are included....

Of course, this is included in the Money-Saving {Bundle}. If you already own this Bundle, go to your "My Purchases" to download it again.

Here's what's included in the Bundle already - only ONE more pack!


Valentine's Day Week

So, Valentine's Day is my LEAST favorite day...and week. At school, at home, in the stores...haha. BUT, I don't make my kids suffer because of my dislike for it, so we carry on with our week as usual.

I do SOME kind of card or writing - check out THIS post for ideas I've done in the past. 

Another thing we do for one of our days of math is {Candy Heart Math}.  This year, I got a little smart and made a "book" or "journal" for the activities.  My kids love when we make books for our themes, so I do this a LOT in my room. I give them a big piece of paper and they store all the activities in "folder" throughout the theme, and then when we finish, I staple the folder together and slap a cover on it and call it a book! They love it. I love it. So why not? right?

We started with sorting colors and making tally marks. I keep forgetting that this is a skill they need to practice ALL year long...oy!

Then they grouped their hearts into groups of ten so they could figure out how many hearts they have.

Then they filled in their bar graph.

(I have edited the file to include higher amount of boxes on the bar graph since most of our bar graphs had to add more boxes!)

Then it came time to analyze our data....

Then we did some addition... this girl was so excited when she came to this problem - Mrs. Ross, LOOK!! It's the Flip Flop rule!

And then we compared numbers! Whew!  Put it all together and call it a book!

Another fun activity we did was with {Love, Splat}.

We did a sequencing foldable - they love how they are hanging up!

And we did some self-connection writing...

and of course, finished it off with a cute Splat craft.

So how did I keep all the chocolate goodness away for the day???

With my {Chocolate Shakeology}! I made it a Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor JUST so I wouldn't eat all the chocolate that came my way that day.

Check out the activites we did by clicking on the pictures below

Click the picture below to go to the blog post that shows even MORE that we'll be doing in February - with LOTS of freebies!

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