All About Plants!

Spring is in the air!! Well, in Florida, it's pretty much summer weather already.   Pretty soon we'll be diving into our {plant unit!}

Here are some books we'll be using during our week on plants... I won't read them all, but I'll put them all out and the kids love looking through them and reading them.

These pages are included in the preview you can download on TpT, but you can lick on the pictures on the books below to check them out on Amazon from this post..



Some activities we'll be doing come from my {Learning About Plants} pack.

We always start our NF units with talking about schema.  They'll also do their vocabulary journal. You can use the one that is included in the pack, or in my class, we use our {vocabulary journals} for all our vocabulary words in every academic area.

We'll also add in some comparisons of Fantasy vs. Realistic Fiction.

I like to do the nonfiction passages during small group time, so I can really cater the learning to the students' needs.

And then... there are all kinds of writing, science, and craft projects!

We love making hats, so of course there's one included... but like my {Frog Unit}, there's a option to extend the hat craft into a life cycle craft.

Lima bean activity.....

a few different versions of "Parts of a Plant" activity....

a 3-Dimensional version....

or a 2-D, paper craft version.

And one of my favorite things to do is the activity that goes along with the book, "A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds." 

The kids always love that they are making suitcases.

And for options for writings.... there are TONS....

single page writing, class books, diagrams, and an option for students to write their own book!

story-book paper so the kids can illustrate....

Or full-page and yuo

One of my favorite things is to have the students write their own nonfiction book.

I love teaching in the spring - check out more of my {Spring Theme Packs!}

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