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and on another note... I just got an email from Chick-Fil-A....
and now I REALLY want one of these!

Peach Milkshake

I mean....yum!!! 


Making My Lists...

Yep - that's FOUR lists you see already for my summer....some are personal, some are things to make, to buy, and then ideas for school...  and since I KNOW....well, I'm HOPING that I'm not the ONLY list person out there, I went ahead and made some cute lists for y'all...

Ashley just posted these cute little apples as a freebie and I love them...and I had this need to use them right So here ya go!

Three different versions using her cute little apples.... click HERE to get them.

one more girl, Hadar, (Miss Kindergarten - LOVE her!) is getting ready to do something AWESOME!!

Click the pic to check out her post on it - trust me... you won't wanna miss this!!


Spelling Throughout the Year - 2nd Grade edition!

Well....I finally finished it!!

This is my 2nd grade Spelling pack....I have been doing spelling this way for YEARS!

It's a different way to do it. Instead of giving the kids 15 words to study and THOSE are the 15 words on the test, I only give them 5 phonics words (which also may use word families if it can!), and then on the test, I give them 5 MORE spelling words that they didn't study, but that follow the rule for that week....they also have 5 sight words to study, AND I pick 5 more from the list of words that has been accumulating throughout the year. This list is made up of the words that they've already studied, so it's just my way of making sure that they still remember them. So they study 10 words - do their homework with those 10 words, and we do activities in the class that practice that spelling rule and those sight words, then their spelling test is 20 words!  Yes, that's what I said...20 words! The first week is only 15 since there are no previous sight words to choose from....

This pack follows a phonics continuum that progresses and builds off previous skills throughout the year! It also uses word families, which allow students to learn how to apply the skills they learn!

Here's what is included:

Student homework lists, where the sight words build upon each other throughout the yearTeacher homework lists, with the possible extra tested wordsStudent homework papersStudent Test sheetsWord Wall cards in configuration for both the spelling and sight words

This is a zip file. When you download it there are two packs. They are the same phonics and word family words, but one pack is the Fry Sight Words and one pack is the Dolch Sight Words. 

When you go check it out, you can download the preview to get a better look at what is included and to see the phonics continuum! 

This is the 2nd Grade Edition - 1st Grade and 3rd Grade editions coming soon!

Check it out! It's on sale for the next 24 hours!



June Calendar Cards

Just a quick post to share my June calendar cards with ya!! I know some of you are still in school, so hopefully, you'll find these useful....and I'll be sure to do a July one too, because I know there are some year-round schools out there...and we're back in August, so I'll definitely be posting August ones! :) Head over to my Facebook page to download the cards in my Fan Freebie page!

Hope you have a great weekend! Mine started with beautiful day at the beach with some friends.


First Day of Summer!

Yep! That's my phone....with NO alarm anymore!! Wooo!!! 
Mind you, starting next week, my alarm will be set again so I can go to bootcamp at 5:00AM!...
yes...I said 5-A-M...haha!

My room is all packed...

and we did a little celebration after the kids

yes...we were sad to see the kids go, but I mean, who isn't excited to start summer vacay!!

sooo......  how did I spend my first day of summer vacay?!

Well...I started off with a little run....

which goes perfect with Corinna's #workinitwednesday linky!

Click the button above to check it out! I just love this girl...and I know that if I lived there, we'd be surfin' buddies...bc I'd need her girls to watch my girls - haha!

Then I came home and B and I read Miss Spider in PJs (well, she was in PJs, I was still stinky from my run)

THEN, hubs found a HUGE estate sale so we went to that...but after a while the girls got tired of being we ventured outside and climbed big trees...

And of COURSE we had to spend the first day of summer in some sort of water, so we headed to the pool.

A is o-fish-ally a SWIMMER floaties, no help from momma...a real swimmer - and UNDER water too! I'm so proud...not one swim lesson (other than was she was like 10 months old). #proudmomma!

ALSO, I just wanted to let you know...if you've purchased any of these packs from me, go ahead and redownload them...I've fixed or added things in these packs...

Both the math and the literacy sections of my It's Beach Time pack have been updated.

I had a few requests for adding September and June months my Time Capsule I went ahead and added that for all the grades in the pack...grades K-5.

Ok...I'm off to watch a movie...or something...I have A LOT on my DVR to catch up on. lol 


The LAST few days and getting ready for next year!

We've had early release the last two days and tomorrow is the LAST day of school!!! woo!!

We've just kind of been "wingin'" it this week...

We did the end of the year time capsule and compared it to the beginning of the year. Click here to find your grade.

We've also learned how to play scrabble....I used the letters I made to go with DeAnne's Making Words packs all year

PLUS, they're using their dictionary skills!

I've also started making all my copies that I KNOW I'll need for next year...
so I don't have to worry about it next year.  Here are some of the things I'm getting ready....

I got my binder ready for the common core next year!

I have first grade posted, Kinder started, and I'll be doing 3-5 this summer....

I also had my kids helping me get my folder ready for next year....It was so cute...they were like "HEY, I remember these pages! (I trade out pages throughout the year as our skills get more advanced)...these are way easy now!" haha! I love it!

I also made a LOT of copies of all of our facts quizzes!

Time Capsules...for beginning of year and end of year. See the blog post on these HERE It's a FREEBIE

Parent survey...

I've also had a few people ask me about a blog permission for for pictures....When I first started blogging, I had emailed someone and asked her for her example...I can NOT remember, for the life of me, who I asked, but you can download my form I send'll just have to retype it and put your name and blog! Hope it helps :)

I've also copied off the first day activities.... It's my First Day Independent Activities for 2nd graders.... It's another FREEBIE! Read my blog post HERE about how I came up with

And as I've been packing up, I've been making my summer "To-Make" List....

I'm sure I'll be adding to it! I have so many things in my head....

any requests??

And I leave you with this....

Our school got 10 iPads for next year through a grant. We had to apply to be one of the ones to get one. I got one, and I'm SUPER excited...but, um....I don't know much of it I'll actually get to use....looks like someone has already staked claim! ha!!

Well, tomorrow is my last alarm clock awakening...woo!!!


The end is near....woo!

Hey everyone!

Today is Sunday....usually my Visual plans day....BUUUUUTTTT..... I don't REALLY have anything planned for next week....

we already did my summer beach centers last week...

but tomorrow, we'll be doing the end of the year time capsule, since we did one in the beginning of the year...check out my post on them HERE

Yea....that's all I have planned for the next 3 days....anyone else have any other ideas!?? Feel free to tell me!! It's amazing that after 10 years of teaching, I STILL can't remember what I do each year the last few 

So, here's what we've been up to the last week....

Some beach days with my momma...

and my babes...

We got a new pet!! Remember? we got rid of the kitties, so now we have a pet fish...and A of course named him...Fishy! haha! She's so clever. 

We did a little grilling....

Hubs and I went to the Food Truck Wars...

And today, we had to say goodbye :(

I tell ya...goodbyes are SOOO hard!!

Seriously, every time I see this picture, I start tearing up...I had to listen to A cry the whole way home from the airport....BUT, momma was looking at houses while she was here, SOOOO hopefully we won't have to say goodbye at an airport to many more times.

And today, on our way back from the airport, we stopped to see daddy at work and had lunch with him...
But then he got a call, and had to run out....

And now, I'm trying to get back into the realization that tomorrow i have to go to work....
for only THREE MORE DAYS!!!!

You can't hate me. It's ok. I don't mind - haha!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you some of the things I'm getting ready for next year already!

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