I've been Melon-ed!

OMGosh y'all!!

Can I just tell you???

LOOK what I have now...

Do you recognize her???

They're meeeeee!!!!!

hehehe - I have a "melonhead" me :)

I LOVE them!!

I couldn't decide which color scheme I wanted, so I got both - haha!!

Can you tell they're me?

Curly blonde hair, sunglasses (ALWAYS), flops (ALWAYS!) - and an apple because I'm a teacher - hehe!!

Thank you, Nikki!!

I think I need one to appear next to my name down there - anyone know how to make that happen?? automatically, I mean?? lol

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!


(clip art - KPM and Sassy Designs)
Yes, today is my birthday!!!!!

and not just ANY birthday,

the big THREE-OH!!!

(clip art - 3 AM Teacher)

Yep - I'm turning 30 today.

Some would be bummed about that.

But not me!!!

Man, do I love birthdays - no matter how old you are, birthdays are SO important to celebrate, because in my mind, without your very first birth-day, there would be no other birthdays,

so CELEBRATE the day that you were born!!!

This year, I am celebrating by having fun in Key West!

Woop woop!!!

Why, of COURSE I will show you pictures when we get back!!

(clip art - Melonheadz)

To celebrate, I'm throwing a flash sale in both my TpT and TN store 

today (July 29th) only!

So, I will see you when we get back!!

Jumping feet first!

Yesterday, I started the birthday weekend celebration!!

Take a look-see....


that's me screaming and laughing at the same time!!

As my friend told me, I'm jumping into the 30s with both feet!

And in case you want to watch the video - here it is....

That was the SECOND time I have jumped - and it was JUST as exhilarating!!

We are leaving in the morning to go on our trip to the Keys - it's my last hurrah before we go back to work - and a perfect way to bring in the 30s!!

Hanging out to Dry

 Being back down in 2nd grade, I realized hose many craft projects we do...

and we always laid them on the counters, but then the were always getting knocked around because that's where their files are, the pencils and pencil sharpeners are, center buckets....

and I really wanted one of those art drying racks...

you know...
something like this:

but I didn't want to spend the money on it...and I KNOW my school isn't going to,

SO, I found this:

It's just a regular $9 laundry rack....but I can fit about 18-20 pages on it when hanging them vertically.

How do I know whose is whose??

Put numbers on the clothespins of course!

LOVE my number system

and for the longer pieces, I can lay them across the racks, like this:

Now, the one problem I can see is the dripping of paint...but hopefully, they won't have that much paint or glue on their project for it to drip...if they do, they probably did it wrong anyway, right!?! 


Setting up Shop

Let me show you what I've been doing for the last few days....


First, let me set the stage for you...

Wednesday, teachers report back....and we are leaving Sunday and coming back on Tuesday for my bday trip to the Keys....so that means I have TWO more days to get ready for back to school....

So, I've been a printing, laminating, cutting, and creating machine!!

Those are from my beach theme centers and my beach them A.R. back...

I also have all of Courtney's Unit 1 for Treasures in that pile...

look - B was helping with my boggle letters - ha!

I have run out of lamination though....BUT, aside from my boggle letters, I THINK I've laminated everything I need to start with ....

Yeah right...

We all know how big that list gets during pre-planning week, don't we???

Though it looks like I have done nothing but this for 2 days, I have also been a busy little bee in the mornings having some fun in the sun...

and chasing crabs....

getting harassed by the paparazzi...

and sheer splashing in the water 

ok - I'm off to do more cutting! Happy Thursday!

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