Room on the Broom and Witches!

Ok, so I TOTALLY need another week to teach Halloween!! There is just too many themes to teach in October, and I've even postponed pumpkins until the first week of November...but between skeletons (our science standards have the body in it, so it fits perfectly), bats, and Halloween....I haven't even had time to teach using ALL my Halloween books, or even doing SPIDERS!...sheesh!! But I wanted to share a little bit of how we incorporated our Room on the Broom book into our reading skills this week :)

My friend who used to teach with me in 3rd turned me onto this is just too cute!

One of the skills we needed to work on this week was possessive we made a foldable! We talked about the different nouns that were in the book....and brainstormed other thematic words. They could pick whatever nouns they wanted. They drew the picture on the front of the flap, then when they lifted the flap....

They wrote their possessive noun sentence. Half my class could do this independently, and the other half - specifically my ESOL kids (because in Spanish and 2 languages...they don't have possessives. Their structure is "The candy of the girl...". Let's just say my intern is learning a GREAT deal in learning how to differentiate!)

This next activity was inspired by Leslie's "Inferring with Frank." I used the same format basically, just with our book, Room on the Broom.  Man, I tell ya, getting some of those kids to actually find the clues in the book to write down can be challenging! I will gladly take any ideas on how to get them to say something other than "because it was in the pictures," or "because my teacher told me," or "because I know." AHHH!!!!  Thankfully, it wasn't all of my kids. And I even told them to go put their finger on it in the book and THAT is what they write down as their clue....sigh.  Click HERE to get the printout for this activity. 

This next activity was inspired by Amy Lemons... I just LOVED her witch feet and they fit PERFECTLY into our lessons for the week :)

First...they did a Bubble Map (for all you Thinking Map people out there!) of their witch.

They turned out SOOO cute!!! 
Click HERE to get a copy of the witch page. 

This is one of my ESOL/ELL students...I just love him!

THEN they got their paper to do their witch legs!!!! I am SOOOOOO in love with these!!!! We didn't use any patterns and just let the kids make their own designs. The only thing we did cut to size was the legs...other than that, they cut out their own shoes, stripes, and skirts (or pants as one of my boys did!).

Just LOOK how stinkin' CUTE these are!!

One of my boys...he is just so artistic!!

And this boy said "I'm making mine wear pants!"  Hahaha!! I love his personality!! lol

Even more of our creations that didn't fit out in the hallway.

I just want to say THANK YOU to ALL of you bloggers out there for posting all your FABULOUS ideas!!! I am SOOO  excited to do our pumpkin week next week with all that I've been finding to add in what we already do!


Lori Rosenberg said...

Excellent book! Thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas with us!

Runde's Room said...

LOVE the witch legs!!! So darn bewitching! ;)

Runde's Room

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