Read Aloud Linky Party!

Over at Swimming Into Second (one of my fave blogs to stalk, btw! And I love that she uses the Treasures Series and creates all sorts of goodies to go along with it! yahoo! lol), is hosting a Read Aloud Linky party!

I LOVE this idea! I am CONSTANTLY reading books out loud to my students and doing some sort of activity with it. One of my new favorite series that my students got ADDICTED TO was the Amber Brown series (young readers version)...THEY LOVE HER!!! Even the boys do. Here are a few that I "stole" from the library for a good month because the kids were just EATING these books alive! lol. It actually started out as an idea I got from Amy Lemons, writing about best friends. (See that post HERE).

...and there are TONS more. 

And then of course...there's always the fabulous Junie B. Jones. fact we will be reading this book very shortly, after we finish our current read aloud, which is....

The Candy Corn Contest

I will say that it is VERY hard to tell you just a few books - I have list a MILE long that I want to read to my kids! And I will read one book out of a series, and it'll get them hooked on it, so I'll have stock up my baskets with more of the series - I LOVE it!!!

Also, I am very good friends with our school's Media Specialist (don't you DARE call her a librarian! lol), and she is ALWAYS recommending great books for me to read. LOVE HER!


Unknown said...

I just picked up the book, "The Candy Corn Contest," at the book store for $1.99! I'm hoping I have enough time to read it before Halloween.

Jen R said...

Nice!! It's a quick read..and I always have a jar of candy corn on my desk during that week - and I let the students who turn in all their work each day make guess during that week.

Unknown said...

Thanks for joining my linky party. I haven't seen the young readers version of Amber Brown. I'll have to check that out.

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