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Fun Turkey Activities - freebies included!

One of my FAVORITE books to read during this time of year is A Turkey for Thanksgiving. It's so cute! Well, the last page lends itself REALLY well to talking about prepositions. So, I usually take the time after this book to make a quick anchor chart to demonstrate the importance of using the correct prepositions.

I realize my anchor chart is a little less than amazing, but it gets the job done, right!? haha

I taught them how to draw the turkey and then gave them an example of what they could write in their books.

Some of their ideas were SO creative!

After I checked their sentences, I had them go through and highlight their preposition they used. 

I was pretty impressed that they were using their Spelling Journal all on their own to look for words to spell. I seriously love these things. 

You can download the Turkey Preposition book HERE for free!

Another writing we did during our turkey theme was our Class Book for "If I Was a Turkey." I just love seeing their creativity!

And one of my favorite math activities we do is our Turkey Math!

I've done this with grades 1-3, and the skills on the feathers and the numbers on the turkey change each year, depending on the grade and where we are in math at that point... 
This year we are working on TEEN numbers and we did
Word form
base ten blocks
addition sentence (from the base ten blocks)
ten frames (I have a cool little ten frame stamp)

Since the skills change each year, I hand write what I want them to do on the feathers each year, instead of copying them off.  Again, it's not the most amazing display, but it gets the job done and the turkeys always come out SO cute!

You can see the other versions I've done 

Here is another 1st grade version....

this is a 2nd grade version....

And of COURSE we did our Monthly Family Projects this month.. I just LOVE the Camo turkey!!

Next week, we have 2 days of school. We'll be doing our Turkey Trot within our Pod (I'll be back to show you more of that!) and we'll also be making our Turkey casserole bags. 

Head over to THIS post to check it out and download it for free!

Pumpkin Week!

Our Pumpkin week was placed at a weird time... because of the way Halloween fell, we had to do Pumpkin week as the last week of October and the first week of November. Whatever. Pumpkins are good for November too.  We just roll with the punches, right?

So, we actually did our Pumpkin Day on Monday

We made our Pumpkin Books so we could use them Monday. Usually, we work through them all week and then end with the Pumpkin day, but we did the opposite this year.

We had 5 stations going on....I am so thankful for the 3 volunteers that came that day to help out!

We did some weighing and measuring the height ...

Pumpkin Stem.... that was fun, but we needed A LOT of the candied pumpkins.

and we did a Roll-a-Pumpkin

They turned out SO cute!! 

I got this idea from my teammate, who also happens to be my daughter's teacher. Of course, she's FABULOUS.

She said I could put it all in a file and share with you. You'll love it - it's so fun!

Click HERE to download the Pumpkin Day activities!

We ended our day with the Orange Day Snacks (or pumpkin day snacks!)

In the crockpot, there's some seriously good Pumpkin Bread cooking. Here's a good recipe I found for it.

We also did the cute Spookley craft from First Grade Blue Skies...I made the writing paper to go along with the reading response. 

and THEN, we did this SUPER cute idea from Finally in First.  We made our own Spookley Pumpkin Patch. They turned out SO cute!! I did a quick review of the different 2D shapes and showed them how to draw them, freehand.  I gave them a few different options for colors and they freehand drew the shapes. I gave them some green to make their stem and white to make their eyes. I am just so in love with them!!

I created a writing paper for them to write about their pumpkins, describing it - the color shape, if it was happy or scary, etc. 

Click HERE to get the writing paper.

We also did some fun with Little Boo

Little Boo is so cute! He's one of my favorites. 

The kids did some more with summarizing. 

This paper comes from my November Literacy Center pack

And we got our Family Projects hung up!! (and have actually started getting November ones turned in - I can NOT believe it's November already!)

Next week, we'll be doing a little bit of election and a little bit of Seasons. It's a short week, so we'll see how much we get accomplished! Happy weekend!

Teaching ELA Standards with Poetry

I don't know about you but I LOVE using poetry in my room!!

We use it for so many different skills.You can teach so many different ELA standards; fluency, phonics, grammar, and more! Who says you need to always have a worksheet or printable (newest term for ditto) to teach kids?? Incorporate the learning! This is the best thing I have seen come out of NOT using the Reading Series - linking it all!

I usually do a poem for each them (our theme for the week) and a poem for the phonics skill for the week...

No matter what kind of poem we are doing, we always do fluency practice... I read, we read, partner read, then they read as a class without me...


You can see how I have my desks set up - to where each kid either has an A or a B... whenever they partner read, I always break up the poem and then tell them who goes first (either A or B) and when they read it through the 2nd time, the opposite letter starts. If I have an odd man out, then I become their partner... they LOVE being the odd man out.

And every poem we do, we always do a visualization activity. I print up the poems into half pages, so they glue it to the left side of the journal and on the right side, they illustrate the poem. They get SO good at it!

Sometimes we use the poems for grammar lessons... like our firefighter poem we just did... we used it to help us with adjectives and nouns.

Notice, we also practiced a nonfiction standard - labeling!

Sometimes we use them for sight word searches!
ok... Most of the time we go on a Sight Word Hunt...

Here's what my phonics poems look like...

I take poems from phonics books I have and retype them in this format... and we use it throughout the week for various activities...and visualizing!

Some of my favorite poetry writers that I've found on TpT are Rowdy in First Grade's monthly poetry and Fun in First Grade (Jodi) has TONS of poetry in her Fluency packs and her Sight word poetry, I also love using DeeDee's Monthly Poetry Packs

Here are some of my favorite phonics poetry books that I use, and retype the poems...

Each month, we always put our Journal covers and table of contents in our journals... I just like separating the poems out and keeping them somewhat organized, you know?? PLUS this is just another way to teach about parts of Nonfiction - table of contents! #winwin You can grab the Poetry Covers and table of contents for free {HERE}.  

Check out my other poetry posts I've written {HERE} and {HERE}

I've also made a Phonics Poetry Schedule, which could be tweaked a little for thematic poetry too! Click the picture to down load it.

Do you have any favorite poetry resources?? I would love to add more to my list of resources!

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