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Getting Ready for January


What a whirlwind December is!!

And let's not talk about winter break....I feel like I just got on break by the time I wind down from Christmas and Brooklynn's birthday...

Oh well, it will be here before we know it! Time to get planning!!

The morning they walk in, it'll be time to color their January Journal covers for their {Poetry Journals} and {writing Journals}! These are freebies, click the links to grab them.

We didn't get a chance to do our December memory book page, so we'll do that when we get back. {THESE} are some of my favorite things to do...and the parents LOVE keeping them! You can also read another post on them {HERE}

ahhh... snowmen. I LOVE doing a {snowman week} with my little Florida kiddos. They always love it....probably because they're so fascinated with something they've never felt. haha

I love these writing packs because I don't even have to think.... well, I DO, but everything I need is included in these writing packs!

Oh my gosh. My penguin unit is one of my favorites! I didn't get a chance to do it with my group last year, but that's because I was on maternity leave. But you can read about how I did it with my 2nd graders {HERE}. You can also check out the penguin books I like to use during my Penguin Week {HERE}.

January Centers.... check them out at {THIS} post. There's also some freebies to download in that post too!

I also have the bookmarks ready for January. Download this freebie {HERE}.

And before I left I copied all of the calendar activities in my Ultimate Calendar Bundle.  You can check out {THIS} post to see how I have it all organized for the year!

This is a fun little preposition practice book. I actually have this in a {turkey}, {Gingerbread}, {spider}, and {bee}. It's pretty much how I teach prepositions through the year, instead of just doing a lesson and being done with it.

Speaking of writing books, my students LOVE writing class books. I have the {January} ones out and ready for them to write throughout the month. 

If you want to see more on our class books throughout the year, you can check out {THIS} post. 

Label and Write About It! January pack - great for differentiating!

And one of my favorite activities each month is my Monthly Family Projects. And January is one of my favorites! They usually turn out SO stinkin' cute!

So that's what I have pulled out of my files... now it's time to sit down and write it all out! 

I'll try to come back Monday with more detail ideas for this week...I'm sure I'll be adding in some last minute changes!  Because don't we all?!?

Top 16 Posts of '16

I can't believe it's the end of 2016.

Here's to another "Top Posts" to wrap up the year!

So, the top posts of the year are the ones that have the most pageviews and "shares." Sometimes, I'm not sure why, but I just roll with it. ha!

1) Class books for the year - my kids LOVE doing class books!

2) Organizing your Classroom Library - I LOVE organizing, so I'm glad this is one of your favorites too. lol

3) Hellooo, February - prepping things for the new month!

4) Getting Ready for February - apparently, February is a popular month?? ha! Or... maybe I blogged more that month than others?? haha! That one is probably it.

5) Morning Routines - I absolutely LOVE my mornings. I'm so glad this was a popular post! 

6) All About Plants - the model is pretty cute, don't you think!? ;-)

7) Fun with Frogs - I love little froggies!

8) Getting Ready for Reading Week - I love dressing up for Reading Week! Fun little freebie to download over on that post. 

9) Spelling Journals - A Classroom Lifesaver.... and still true, to this day!

10) Math with Unifix Cubes - my kids LOVE doing math with cubes!

11) Making Phonics Fun! - A weekly routine of our phonics.

12) Learning with Worms - one my kids' most FAVORITE weeks!

13) First few days of First Grade - honestly, I think I post about this every year, but I seem to forget EVERY year the first few days... or even weeks. I feel like it's child birth. The giving birth is not so fun (aka - the first few days of 1st grade) but the outcome of the birth is beyond wonderful (aka - October through May)... haha!

Again, same concept as above - haha!

15) Gold Medal Students - my version of a "Student of the Week."

and finally...

If you want to see previous years' "Top Posts" posts...

Also - just to end the old and start the new with a bang - I'm having a New Year Sale!

Mistletoe Madness

Every month or so, we do a "theme day" where the parents come in and help man a station. 
September was http://www.teacherbythebeach.com/2014/10/apple-week-fun-with-freebies.html and Tedddy Bear Day
October was Pumpkin Day
This month was "Mistletoe Madness." 

I've done this in years past. You can check them it out HERE.

I've never been overly excited about our stations for our Mistletoe Madness....until THIS year. I loved them ALL.

So here they are....

1) Measurement Trees. This idea originated from {Julie Lee}, but I have since adapted it with scrapbook paper, paint, and glitter! The glitter really did add the POP it needed. I do them on black, purple, or blue background paper...and the glitter just POPS.

Next up was a handprint paint activity.


I didn't think about it beforehand, but thankfully the art teacher had a hairdryer!

They turned out SO cute!

Another station was the snowmen socks. Oh. My. Lanta. SO STINKIN' cute!! This idea came from Reagan. You can see how to do them HERE

Our last station was our reindeer hats! We have to have hats for pretty much every theme we do. I love hats.

I would have loved to have had a 5th station - and I probably would have done a pine cone activity or something...because we have a PLETHORA of pine cones around here.

And I always wear my reindeer dress on mistletoe madness day. Unfortunately, this day was like 80 degrees. Oh well, the things we do to be festive, right?

Check out the other ideas I've done before HERE.

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