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Teaching ELA Standards with Poetry

I don't know about you but I LOVE using poetry in my room!!

We use it for so many different skills.You can teach so many different ELA standards; fluency, phonics, grammar, and more! Who says you need to always have a worksheet or printable (newest term for ditto) to teach kids?? Incorporate the learning! This is the best thing I have seen come out of NOT using the Reading Series - linking it all!

I usually do a poem for each them (our theme for the week) and a poem for the phonics skill for the week...

No matter what kind of poem we are doing, we always do fluency practice... I read, we read, partner read, then they read as a class without me...


You can see how I have my desks set up - to where each kid either has an A or a B... whenever they partner read, I always break up the poem and then tell them who goes first (either A or B) and when they read it through the 2nd time, the opposite letter starts. If I have an odd man out, then I become their partner... they LOVE being the odd man out.

And every poem we do, we always do a visualization activity. I print up the poems into half pages, so they glue it to the left side of the journal and on the right side, they illustrate the poem. They get SO good at it!

Sometimes we use the poems for grammar lessons... like our firefighter poem we just did... we used it to help us with adjectives and nouns.

Notice, we also practiced a nonfiction standard - labeling!

Sometimes we use them for sight word searches!
ok... Most of the time we go on a Sight Word Hunt...

Here's what my phonics poems look like...

I take poems from phonics books I have and retype them in this format... and we use it throughout the week for various activities...and visualizing!

Some of my favorite poetry writers that I've found on TpT are Rowdy in First Grade's monthly poetry and Fun in First Grade (Jodi) has TONS of poetry in her Fluency packs and her Sight word poetry, I also love using DeeDee's Monthly Poetry Packs

Here are some of my favorite phonics poetry books that I use, and retype the poems...

Each month, we always put our Journal covers and table of contents in our journals... I just like separating the poems out and keeping them somewhat organized, you know?? PLUS this is just another way to teach about parts of Nonfiction - table of contents! #winwin You can grab the Poetry Covers and table of contents for free {HERE}.  

Check out my other poetry posts I've written {HERE} and {HERE}

I've also made a Phonics Poetry Schedule, which could be tweaked a little for thematic poetry too! Click the picture to down load it.

Do you have any favorite poetry resources?? I would love to add more to my list of resources!

Open House Project

Whew! Open House.  It's "done."  

Every year, for Open House, I've always done a "Guess Who?" activity. You can see my first one I blogged about here when I taught 2nd grade{here}. It has since evolved and changed since I teach 1st grade now, and my love for Kid Art has grown immensely.  I mean, look how stinkin' cute these are!

I used the directed drawing from {THIS} book to help teach them how to draw a person. Then they colored and "sharpied."  I tell them to leave a little bit of white trim, some are better at it than others. lol

Then we review our list of adjectives...and they get to write 4 words about themselves. 

Oh my gosh. I just love these!  The parents always just think they're so cute! 

If you would like the "Who Am I?" paper, click the picture below for your freebie!

Pout Pout Fish Week

Short i week was fish-filled fun! 

I really did a lot with Pout Pout Fish. He's so cute, and the kids really like him.

These are the books that I really focused on... during our Ocean Week at the end of the year, I bring out even more fish/ocean books.

We started off with some summary planning. 

Can we just take a moment and admire that Mr. Fish up there on that anchor chart?? ha!!

Then the kids took the plan and turned it into sentences.... again, this is only our 2nd time doing this, so we really worked together on it.

On the back, they glued their drawing of Pout Pout fish. I hung them in the window, so the drawings are showing out of the window, and the writing is facing in the classroom.

Last year, they hung on the board in my room.

The directed drawing comes from Deanna's Pout Pout Fish pack

Then we did the cute little craft to hang with the character change. You can grab this for FREE in First Grade Blue Skies' store HERE

The character change paper comes from Deaana's pack.

After reading Pout Pout Fish Goes to School, they sequenced the story. 

You can find the activity in THIS pack. 

Our theme snack for Fish Week was so yum!

each kid will need:

1 whole Graham Cracker sleeve
Cream Cheese (dyed blue)
dot sprinkles
gold fish

I gave them more than a few goldfish and told them they could put a few, or do whatever they wanted...some made a School of Fish, since we read Pout Pout Fish Goes to School...lol. So cheeky.

Click HERE to read more about my Pout Pout Fish Goes to School pack. 

Teddy Bear Day

So, after YEARS of reading about Jodi's Teddy Bear Day, I finally did it! It was so fun! All the kids loved it! I will definitely be doing it next year.  Although, since it was my first time, I will be tweaking some things, for sure.

So... This particular day, I happened to wake up with absolutely NO voice!! That was great. Luckily, I had a parent that had offered to come in and help the day before. I wasn't going to have anyone come in, but sure! I can always use help, right!??  THANKFULLY I did, because she read the Teddy Bears' Picnic to the class for me - and the other book, I happened to have on CD, so we just listened to that one...so my other Teddy Bear books did not get read that day. Oh well. 

Then we did our Teddy Bear Adjective chart.

And put together our folder...

Most of the activities come from Jodi's Teddy Bear Day pack, but I added some other ideas too...

like the directed drawing page.  This one comes from THIS book. My kids are really into the drawing activities this year. I'm so glad!!

In the box under the step by step, they drew and measured their bears. On the page to the left, we drew it again and labeled the parts of a bear.

My parent volunteer did the Teddy Bear Math activities. So glad - because I would NOT have been able to talk to all my groups and do this activity with them. 

Some didn't have teddy bears, so they brought whatever animal they did have....this dinosaur is so fitting for his owner. lol

Later on in the day we compared real bears to teddy bears. I would have read a book first, BUT I had no voice.

And I wanted to do a science experiment with Gummy Bears, but I didn't have a voice, so I skipped that and we just did the Estimation Station

Oh Nelly, we've got a long way to go with estimating - hahaha.

So that was Teddy Bear Day. We did it during our Little Red Hen week, AND a 4-Day week. Oy! What a week! It was so fun though. Definitely give it a try! Even if you have Kindergarten or TK that does it - because I guarantee, it won't be the same, and the kids will love to do it again.

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