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Class Books for the Year

One thing I really love doing in my class is writing Class Books. 

I try to write one a week, to go with our theme, but it doesn't always get done. But I definitely do at least one a month.  It's usually a quick little write that can be done as a time filler, morning work, etc...  We start from Day 1 in our class. 

And this is not something I'm hard core about their writing. I do want their word wall words, capitalization, and punctuation to be correct, but this is more of a fun write. Now on Day 1, the writing (in 1st grade) and drawing will look something like this. 

But then as the year progresses, and their skills, the writing looks more like this...

A lot of the times our writing will stem from a book I read to the class... Like this book...

It stemmed from {THIS} book. 

And of course, {Wacky Wednesday}....

Some other fun books we've made through the year...

I print the cover pages, and glue them to a piece of cardstock. Then I laminate that piece and another piece of cardstock for the front and back covers. You will need to have durable covers because, trust me, they will get read A LOT! At the end of the year, I still had kids reading the first book we ever read - and they were even amazed at the growth they made!! 

I bind my books together with a binding machine. Check with your school – most have them hiding somewhere! If not, then you can just 3-hole punch them and put yarn in them or the rings through the holes. 

One of my favorite things about doing Class Books, is that I get to see just how much growth my students make throughout the year!

Here is one student, who has also learned the skill of labeling! ha! Clearly, we do a lot of labeling in class, too. 

Here's one of my favorite "show and tells" of growth through the year....

Here's her book from the first week....

And her book in March....

And her book the last week of school....

It just BLOWS my mind the growth that First Graders make from the beginning of the year. 

So, here's what's included in each month's Class Book pack...

Each month’s cover shows the covers for the books that are included. Most have at least 5 books for the month (except February – it has 4 books).

The next page gives the title choices, as well as some explanation (if needed) for the writing “prompt.” There will also be some books that you can tie into the writing activities. Click on the books to check them out on Amazon!

Each book will have 2 different writing line styles to choose from.

You can grab the summer vacation book for free in the "First Days" post - click the picture below to head on over there!

You can also save money and buy the {bundle!}

Math with Unifix Cubes

One of my favorite math centers to always have out, is a unifix cube math tub!

If you want to see how I run my Math Centers, check out {THIS} post.

I keep my cubes in a tub, like this, for my classroom organization.
(check out {THIS} post to see more on how my classroom is organized)

I keep a set of bags already labeled in the bucket so I can just grab one and fill it and the kids know which bag (or bags) to use for the center.

Some of my favorite activities are...

Place Value

And you can go even further with them writing out the math for the numbers. 

Race to 100...adding a dice in the mix makes it more fun, too!

And extend it by writing math problems with 2 or 3 addends!

In the beginning of the year, I like to use the "all the ways to show the number..."

You can do comparing numbers, too.

10 Frame addition - they love using spinners!

Missing addends...

Missing addends up to 10..

Making 10 to add up to 20. 



There's so many more activities you can do with Unifix cubes!!

Here's a preview of what is included in the pack....

These are black and white activities to print on color paper - ink saver!

For each activity there is a version for whole group, small group, or centers AND an independent version for a summative evaluation of the concept for each student.

Activities included:
number sense 2-10
ten frame addition
fact families
making 10
making 10 to add up to 20
comparing numbers
missing addends (to 10 and to 20)
race to 100
measurement (length and weight)

Click {HERE} to grab it in my TpT store!

A Whale of a Week of Deals!

It's another Summer Steal week!  This week, make sure you keep a look out for this week!

On Monday, it's $1 deals! 

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My vocabulary journal is one of my most used materials in our room! We use it for our reading, math, science, and social studies vocabulary! By the end of the school year, the journals are well loved. And the kids LOVE going through their journals to see which words they have done.

Check it out more in {THIS} post. 

On Tuesday, you can find all kind of 1/2 price deals!

My half price items will be my {Hands-On Phonics Notebook} and my {Spelling Journal}.

Click the pictures below to read more about them in their blog posts.

The Spelling Journal is my favorite version when teaching 1st grade, but is also differentiated for 2nd and up!

The Phonics Notebook was my favorite when I taught 2nd and 3rd.  They have so much ownership over it!

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