Oops! And Last Day of Sale!

OH MY Land....
If you downloaded my Scoot game yesterday, please check to see if you downloaded the version with the numbers on the word cards...lol. It kind of helps the game out a little if the cards are numbered, huh?? yeesh!
If you need the one with numbers, here's yesterday's post's link so you can go redownload. I caught it about an hour after I posted it.

yeesh...sorry about that.

Don't forget - today is the last day of my "ONE" day sale!

I appreciate everyone who has taken advantage! And I'm loving the feedback!

Happy Saturday!
I was kind of hoping for a rainy day today....there's rain in the forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow is my beach day -  pfft! Though I LOVE rainy days, I prefer them NOT on my beach days...lol.


Under the Sea inspiration for a Freebie!

So today was NOT a beach day, even though I had great plans to got there today....

But that's ok, because we made an impromptu family trip to the zoo!! It was about 1:30 when we made this decision - we were right next door to it...needless to say - yes, it was just a TAD warm (ummm...sarcasm - I live in FL people!)...and we didn't have a stroller in the car for B, so I had to wear the wrap. ha! While it IS her favorite place to be, it can get very hot having that much body heat pressed up against me...lol. That's ok though -it actually makes bringing her places so much easier.

Anyway - I was kind of bummed because I left my wallet in the car.

Hubs had his wallet - so he paid to get in....with his card.

Thought nothing of not having any cash on hand (I ALWAYS carry a few dollars on hand..you never know when you need it - case in point.)

There's a new dinosaur exhibit at our zoo. I really want to see it!!! And so does A...she LOVES dinosaurs! Problem was, you had to buy tickets to get in....

Cash only.

Gosh darn it.

And we weren't about walking all the way out to the car to get cash and walking all the way back.


Oh well. Next time we know.

Anyway, we left around 3:30 - hot and sweaty and tired. A napped in the car on the way home. B did not. She decided she wanted to eat...and when she doesn't get what she wants WHEN she wants it - loud screams start to ensue....LOUD!! I've never heard another baby scream as loud as she can. She can literally make your eardrum vibrate. lol. But A napped through it all...so jealous.

So since we were all so tired, we came home and watched some movies...Disney, of course.

Mama's pick.

I picked one of my all-time faves..

The Little Mermaid.

As a little kid, I could sing all those songs and recite the whole movie! I LOVED it!! I guess because it's the beach and ocean??? lol...

And Aladdin - LOVE that one!! Probably because she lives in a foreign country and I love to travel! (look at me getting all Freudian over here!).

Anyway, I was inspired by my little movie watching, so I made a contraction scoot...
(please don't yell at me - it's the Friday before I have to go back to work - time to start planning, and Sunday is a wash because I'm going to be out of town to visit an old friend - at a beach! ha!!)

Anyway, this uses the words not, is, and are - working on teaching the kids that the apostrophe "kicks" out the unneeded letter - just the one. So those are the words we're working on mastering...(that darn 's tricks  them - they think EVERYTHING needs an 's on it!!! argh!! lol)

So, click the pic to download for free! :)

see all the characters from The Little Mermaid?? lol

And thank you to everyone who leaves feedback when they download - I LOVE feedback!! :)

Too bad we didn't get to see the dino exhibit - I might have been inspired to use those cute dinos I have - lol.

Oh, P.S.

I decided to extend my One Day Sale for another day - since it's the last day of the quarter - why not??? :)

I don't feel like redoing the pic though, so we'll just pretend that the one day sale is just for tomorrow..lol.

I better go change the times for the sale on my stores now...before I forget!

Wow - can you tell I'm ready for the sunshine-y weather??? Look at all my pics I'm making - don't they just scream happy sunshine?!? Those colors just put me in such a good mood!


It's a celebration sale!

Before I get into my post, I have to just say...

after seeing all y'alls lunches through Tara's linky, I feel the need to cook and deliver lunch to y'all! ha!!

 Crackers and a coke?? WHAT is that?? And some of you don't even eat at all??!! Y'all need to eat a balanced lunch!! lol.

Of course I am joking with you all...(but I'm also NOT joking..lol)

On other news....YESTERDAY was a birthday....

My baby girl is 3 months old!!

see her chunky legs???

And LOOK at this one...I love it! hehe

And tomorrow (Friday) is my LAST official day of spring break!!
I have to run up to get an incubator from UCF's 4H department...and get some stuff printed, but then I think after naptime (A's....not mine. Remember, I can't nap), it'l be a trip to the beach!

Anyway, in honor of me reaching 500 followers, B turning 3 months, and it's my last Spring break day, both stores are 20% off!

It will be on from midnight to midnight on Friday...so stock up!!

Also, go check out Elizabeth's giveaway!! She reached 200 followers!

Yay her!!

Fun in Room 4B

She has some great stuff she's giving away (if I do say so myself -ha!)


Lunchbox Linky, an EC deal, and Fry's phrases

Tara is having a fun linky!

(don't  you LOVE 3AM's art skills??)

Since I'm on Spring Break, I can't show you what's inside my box, but it's usually left overs - I love eating leftovers for lunch!!

But I want to show you ALL our boxes...I have a thing for lunch boxes, I'm not sure why...lol. But each year for Christmas, A (and B will too) gets a new lunch box.

Here is the box A used to use....yep - it's a tin lunch box!! woop woop to old school!

Here's mine....it's a 31 bag...

And here are A's and B's lunchboxes they use (for NOW)...yes, B needs one - I have to get her "milk in a bag" over to the babysitter's, don't I? lol

They were a special I found on Totsy..yay!!

Now go on ever to Tara's and LINK up!!

On a side note...LOOK what I found on FB!!

Click the pic to go check it out!

So if you still want one for this year, get it now!!!

I LOVE mine!! It comes with me EVERYWHERE! I write notes in it ALL day long - and all my "appointments" and my hub's work schedule.

 I can't wait until the new ones come out!!

OH! I also uploaded my Spring Fry Phrases...
They're a lot like my "Doctor" Fry Phrases...and those are one of my best sellers, so I thought "you" might want a Spring version...

You can use them as flashcards or there is a "You Got Rained On!" game.

You get all "600" (there aren't REALLY 600 phrases, it's weird, I know - BUT, I DO have them all!).
Each set uses a different picture so you can keep them organized better. And there is a page of directions included in the zip file.

They're only $1

And if you missed my earlier post, check it out!! I finished my Laura Numeroff unit!!

Ok....see ya'll luego!!


Finally! Laura Numeroff Unit

Oh my land!!

I'm FINALLY finished AND uploaded...You guys seriously have no idea how long it's taken me to upload this!!! I think it's taking longer to upload than it did to make them!!! 
BOTH TpT AND TN are taking for.ev.er

well, it's not really finished...but I think I've added enough. Ha!!

I have some craftivities I wanted to add, but I think I'll do those separately.

This has been my "baby" for the last 5 days...it's been hard to get her finished with such beautiful beach days and potty training my 2 year old (having to run to the bathroom for EVERY false alarm is giving me my cardio! lol).

Remember how I posted the Tic Tac Toe for Laura Numeroff the other day?? (If not, it's in my TpT for free!)

Well, here are the activities/centers I made to go along with my unit study.

I spend all month on a particular author, but I really hit him/her hard for one good solid week.

There are TWELVE different centers and activities that you can use with Laura Numeroff's circle stories.
 Literacy Centers
~OO Word Sort
~ School Mouse Syllable Sort
~ Pig Party Contractions
~ 2 Different Comparing Books
~ Cause and Effect with Circle Books
~ If You Give a Student a  Pencil– Write your own Circle Book with a student book option or a circle foldable option

Math Centers
~Cupcake Combinations
~Perfect Breakfast Graphing
~Double Digit Donuts Addition
~Muffin Madness; expanded form
~Theme Park Numbers; word form
~Snack Time! Time to the hour, half hour, and 15 minute increments


I'll be back later with a linky - AND a great deal I found for all y'all!!

Spring Cookies and April's Author Study- Laura Numeroff

Since it's Spring, A and I made my bird's nest cookies.


I'm sure you've seen them before, but just in case you haven't...
You need only 4 things to make these:
1/2 bag of choc chips
1/2 bag of butterscotch chips
3/4 bag of chow mein noodles
and peanut M&Ms or the robin's eggs Whoppers

Melt the two chips, stir in the noodles, then scoop them onto wax paper. Make a little dent and put in your eggs.
Easy peasy, right??

Now onto school stuff.....

Each month, I do an author study with my students. Along with integrated math, writing, and reading activities, my students complete this Tic Tac Toe, taking A.R. quizzes. Do you remember the Dr. Seuss one I posted for March??
Here is this month's author - I LOVE Laura Numeroff!

Click the pic to go get it for free
There are three different versions - Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, and for those schools who don't have either, there is a Parent Signature page. 

I'm in the midst of creating/updating my unit for her author study...I'm taking what I already do, jazz it up with clip art (my new addiction) and putting it all in one file - well, I'll separate it like I always do, but you get my drift.

So far, there are SIX math centers:
~Cupcake Combinations
~Perfect Breakfast Graphing
~Double Digit Donuts Addition
~Muffin Madness; expanded form
~Theme Park Numbers; word form
~Snack Time! (15, 30, 45, and o'clock!)

And I have a few of the lit ones finished so far - /oo/ sound, contractions, and syllables. I have a few more Reading/Writing to add. Hopefully, I'll be finished in a few days.

I don't know though, we are having BE-A-UUUUUU-TEE-Ful beach weather :)


Foldables Linky!

Laura Chandler is having a Foldable Linky!! You must go check it out!! I use TONS of foldables in my room, moreso than what I blog about..
Click {HERE} to see some of my posts that have foldables in them!!

(p.s...I'll be back later with another post - please don't call the blog police! haha)

Dino Fry

I have a student who is just. not. progressing. in Reading.
No matter what I do, or what the other teachers do for him...it's so frustrating!! And he's such a sweet kid.

Anyway, he's FINALLY making it through RTI, and now I have to do IPST paperwork on him.

Well, one of the things they want to use as a monitor/comparative data is his Fry Words (as a comparative to the other students).
So I gave him a test quick word list test.
He did not even pass the first 100.


So...I took the first 300 Fry Words and made them into fun little flashcards that I can incorporate into all kinds of games.

(I made them these CUTE dinosaurs that Kirsten just posted the other day - HAD to have them :)


all 3 dino sets for $1 (the first 300 words)

I also have just a blank set if you want that :)
Grab it {HERE} for free!!

And there's a Sight Word Linky going on over at April's :)


I MAY be double posting today, because I want to do a giveaway in honor of reaching 500 followers!! wowwy, wow, wow!! I am beyond words that that many people would want to hear (read) what I have to say!


Math Chips to the rescue!

First off...I just finished watching Desperate Housewives from this last weekend...

I didn't stop crying the WHOLE gosh darn time!!! Really?? lol. It's just  a show, I know. But I couldn't help it.

Anyway - getting on track.

Today, I about banged my head against the table.
In Math I'm working on place value through the 100s and 1,000s. Doing a lot of +/- 100 and 10 type stuff (in case you couldn't tell in my centers).
During small group, I was working with one of my groups doing a review of just the 10s.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I have been doing this ALL stinkin' year in our calendar math!!!
I had a few lil' ones who had absolutely NO idea how to do it. Really?? Come on!! And I tried everything: 100s chart visual, getting up and moving, making a little saying. They just weren't getting it.
So I told them to go back to their seat. I was getting frustrated, and I could tell they were about to break down. We both needed a break.

Then, after my next group, I looked over and saw my chips.
Girls, come on back! Let's try something new.
Seriously?? Within like 3 or 4 more, they got it!!! It was the 10s that was messing them up - did they forget what place value was what? Was this a harder concept than I thought??
I don't know. But they got it now!!

The little green and yellow things are the chips...greens are 10s and 1s are yellow (no, it doesn't match what's on the board - it was from the previous problem). 
I was so excited they FINALLY got it! Let's see how they do when we come back. lol.

Anyway, I wanted to share my chips with you...there are 1s, 10s, and 100s. Copy them off on different color paper and laminate. Keep them in a pouch for small group or centers. They are also GREAT for adding and subtracting - without and WITH regrouping, so they can see that they have to trade out a ten for 10 ones and such...

Ok....it's official!!
I'm on Spring Break now.
What are my plans???
Well...Monday, I FINALLY get to visit my hair lady to touch up my roots...
No seriously.
You have no idea.
I haven't had my hair done (except for the trim in January) since school started in AUGUST!!!

No joke!! lol

I have some SERIOUS roots.
But, that was one thing I gave up, since I was home for two months without pay. 
What's funny, is that they look like brown roots...however, when I used to dye my hair dark brown, my roots grew in BLOND!! ha!! Have you ever seen blond roots?? It looks kind of funny.

My other plans for the break?

Beach baby, beach baby, there in the sand!! (you know the song, right?!!)

This is me saying "bye-bye schoolio!!"
(I had my hat in my room from field day yesterday - no, I don't wear a hat to school..lol.)

I also plan on gettin' my running on in the mornings and working out some - really need to get back into it!!!

AND I want to work on my Laura Numeroff Unit. She's my author next month, and we'll be doing a whole week of just her (and sprinkle her in for the rest of the month), so I need to start working on that too!

Hope y'all have a great Friday night!

I'll be catching up on my DVR shows (hubs is at an auction again tonight).

Pirate's Booty and a Giveaway!

Oh My.

Today was Field Day.  While it was still morning-ish and the wind was blowing, I still have a headache from being in the heat for the day...I know. Ironic since I LIVE at the beach. But in my defense, the beach has water for me to cool off in! :)

However. I have a few girls that need to remember me when they make it into the Olympics.


They have some M.A.D running skills!!! They FLEW passed everyone in the 400 Meter run!! I mean - I've NEVER seen girls run like this!!

As long as they remember who discovered them. :)

Tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break.

Which means I have to clear out all my cabinets and drawers....they are de-cockroaching our school over break.


It's THAT bad.

But even worse?? The Monday when we come back.

I'm going to have a chaotic room and pod to put back together before the kiddos come in - IN ADDITION to getting ready for my day/week....pooo...

So, while doing my Pudgie Place Value centers...I noticed that my kiddos are having a hard time counting by  certain numbers - well, especially the 3s - yeesh!!

I have this game that I did with my 3rd graders for multiplication. I was trying to figure out how I could do it for my 2nd graders - but counting by numbers...instead of doing multiples.



Counting by numbers IS multiples...ha!! It took my friend and her husband pointing that out to me before I realized it....haha!! Wow.

Yes, I just admitted that.

What?? I like to make things complicated. lol

Anyway, so I took that game and jazzed it up with some fabulous clip art :)

This is a fast-paced game....it really helps them with their facts....
There are no turns. As each player sees that they have a card that would go on top of the card that was last put on the pile, they put their card down. They must be fast! If another player beats them to it, they can not put down that card anymore; they have to do the next number card. Every time they put down a card, they pick one up from the upside down pile. Each time the group gets to 50, start over with 5. 

Get all 4 sets for $1

Just so you can try them out - you can download the set of 2s for 24 hours for free! :)
Click {HERE} to get them! Please don't forget to tell me what you think of them!

Also, I'm in another giveaway!!
(I really need to stop participating in these giveaways...I always want to win them!! lol)
This one has some good stuff too!!

Amber has reached 200 followers!! Go check out what you could win!!
(This MIGHT just put me at 500 followers - wowwy!!!)

 Ok, I must go try to find an incubator!! I bought this CUTE little unit...

From Christie...I am SO excited to use it!! But it got me wanting to incubate eggs! lol And while I HAVE found an icubator...I'm trying to be cheap and find a CHEAPER incubator. lol.
What? I'm a poor teacher married to a poor firefighter. haha!

Hope y'all had a TREMENDOUS Thursday!!

(p.s...I have WAY more to share with you - and more freebies too! But I didn't want to OVER load y'all).

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