Johnny Appleseed

To be honest with you, Johnny Appleseed week is a blur! haha! I know it was a few weeks ago, but with everything that we've been tackling (on top of all the FOUR day weeks!), it's hard to remember what we've been
But here are a few ideas from our Apple week :) 
In our small groups guided reading, we read a Reading A-Z book about Changing Seasons (side note: I LOVE Reading A-Z. If your school doesn't have an account with them - BEG them for one!!! There are TONS of leveled readers that are correlated in so many different ways!!). 

Then, once we learned about the seasons, we did our Apple Tree Season foldable...inside the shutters was a poem that we read throughout the week for fluency practice. They cut out each season and glued it to the correct season flap. Then, they water colored their tree to match what the poem said. I realized that a lot of my kiddos have had limited exposure to water color painting .... note to self - we need to do LOTS more water color painting!

During math, we did a lot with apples. We copied off little bitty apples in three different colors; red, green, and yellow (of course). We used these for various activities. Learning to subtract using 10 frames....

and we also used the bitty apples to do an apple pattern paper that I made. I don't have any pictures of them doing that, but you can click HERE to get that paper!

We also did apple testing....(the poster was made a few years ago by a friend who used to be a Kindergarten teacher at our school). The numbers on the apples are their student numbers the put on EVERYTHING!! (I'll seriously have to make a post just about that, just so you can see how often I use those numbers)

And we introduced fractions with a worksheet from The Mailbox (sorry, I can't upload that one :-/). The students TOTALLY got the fraction concept...even my low ones did!

And finally...we made our apple art - this I "Stole" from one of our fabulous Kindergarten teacher (thanks Christie!). We have big apple dye cuts at our school and then my FABULOUS room mom cut out the centers of the apples (I know longer have any of her children, but she and her kids still come into my room to help out - I LOVE THEM!! And without them, my class would SERIOUSLY lack on some of the fabulous things I do with them). Then, we cut out contact paper and put it on one side...and the students put shredded tissue paper on the side that was sticky.

They came out SO cute!! I've done this with 3rd and 2nd...and I'm sure that even 6th graders would love the time to do something like this. 

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