Celebrating Reading Week

I survived reading week!!

Let me tell you - this week did NOT go as planned. 
Oh! But first, you can read last year's Reading week HERE.

But, here's the little reason this week didn't go as planned.

This little girl gave us quite the scare Wednesday morning and I had to head to the E.R. with her. Thankfully, Ron was home that morning and I have a WONDERFUL team that really helped out... and PTL, she suffered nothing but a minor concussion. It could have been a LOT worse.

She looks all like her silly and goofy self, doesn't she?! Man. I'm so thankful she's alright.

So, anyway, back to Seuss. week. 

The kids EAT the books alive, all.week.long. I put them away after the week is over and they beg me to keep them out. lol

OH! And here's a little #flashbackfriday to a few years ago. Look how little A and B are! And yes...those are cat shoes. lol

So anyway... man, I feel like I have ADHD right now haha!

Back to Seuss week.

This is the spirit week schedule we went by this year.

On Monday, we did some character analysis with Cat in the Hat.

I always love how their drawings come out!

And we started our Guided Reading using one of the Scholastic New Magazines.... comparing fiction and nonfiction. 

Even though Tuesday was "Oh, The Places You'll Go" theme - I kind of use that just so I can get their pictures in their college shirts for the balloons (you'll see that later), we also did Green Eggs and Ham.... working on rhyming words is SO hard (being able to produce rhyming words anyway.)

(aren't my standards so pretty on the wall?? haha... forgot the last word, but already put the period, messed up the actual standard number... whatever. lol. This is real life, people)

On Wednesday, I wasn't there... boo! It's one of my favorite days.  BUT, I sent my girl in to school with some Wacky-ness going on.

and while I was out, they did their Wacky Wednesday class book...

On Thursday, we needed to get started on their balloons!! So we made a quick chart of things they wanted to do or be when they grew up. 

Then... they turned them into their balloon writing!! This is one of my most favorite things we make all year! They always turn out soooo cute. 

Friday.. we had some fun with Fish!! Fish Math is one of my favorites. 

Annnnd... we ended with Schlopp!! Schlopp, schlopp, beautiful schlopp! Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top!!

annnnd... now I'm exhausted, and ready to kick my feet up and enjoy a book on the beach this weekend! Yes please. 

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