LEAVES Acrostic poetry

 Each year, my class creates their Leaves acrostic poems (I did this in all my years in 3rd, and just had success with it in 2nd!)

First, we do a Circle Map of everything we know about Leaves.

Then, I demonstrate writing an acrostic poem on the doc cam on my own paper.

Then, I have them write their own rough draft, using words that are in their circle map to write on their own paper.

Once their rough draft has been approved, they were able to write their final draft. After they write their poem, they are able to try their hand at leaf rubbing (I have fake leaves that have veins in them to do this). The first time was difficult for them, but some of them actually were able to do it! Click HERE to get the LEAVES printable.
You can see the leaf rubbings really well in this one

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