What's in your bag?? Linky Party!

Over at The Inspired Apple, Abby is hosting a cute little linky party...I just love anyway possible to come across new cute blogs! So....here's my bag. Now I must preface by saying I don't always bring home a bag....and this isn't always the bag I carry....I have lots of bags (some bigger than others - lol!). But I'm glad I saw the post today, because my bag isn't quite that bad actually! lol! I swear I haven't taken out any incriminating evidence. haha!

This bag is a plain 'ole brown 31 Bags utility tote...which I LOVE because of the long straps and all the pockets (I have a feeling that a updated colorful one is due sometime soon..lol)

Inside is the number one thing in ALL my bags and my car - an UMBRELLA!! Yes, if you live in FL, this is your number one thing to keep everywhere...because you never know when the rain will pop in! For instance, today, the sky was clear and blue...then all of a sudden BLACK cloud appeared and it poured....now?? Mr. Spouse is out mowing the lawn in hot, humid, clear, blue skies. haha!

Next is my plan book - which is much more than a plan book. I actually never bring this home, but I'm starting to look at my pacing guides and scope in sequence so I can start planning for my maternity leave...ugh...I've already posted about what's inside...click HERE for that post. 

And some bat books..... Next week I'm going to do my Bat Unit, so I brought home some of my favorite books to start thinking about planning. :) If you have posted any cute bat lessons, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment with that link - I'm always open for some good lessons! :)

And then some "housekeeping" files. The blue folder is my intern's folder that I'm supposed to be checking off her FEAPS in...let's be honest. Am I actually doing it??? HAHA! But I'll make sure there are some dates in there by the time she needs it. lol. The orange comp book is my ideas book. I got SO tired of all the loose leaf paper, so this works wonders :) And then my loose leaf papers to look at - some project ideas (some of them from my fav blogs that I have to see how to incorporate into my lessons!), and some other papers to look at. 

Then my Pencil pack...which my 2 year old is holding (and REFUSED to put down for me to take a picture of! lol). It's got all my essentials - grader, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, markers, post its, a few flashdrives..lol.

And then my odds-and-ends.  My camera goes with me EVERYWHERE!!! Hey - you never know when you need to take pictures, right? A random pack of popcorn..lol. What??? I could blame it on the fact that I'm pregnant, but I won't - when you're hungry you need an emergency stash to dive into, right??  My phone charger cord...for some reason some days the school EATS my battery, and other days? The bar doesn't budge. But it's always the days that I NEED my phone after work that the battery dies, so I've just gotten smart and started bringing it. And then of course, my keys (whistle and badges too). My daughter is actually playing with the whistle on it as I type this. With ALL the toys in the house, she goes after my whistle. Ha!

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Unknown said...

love you bag! love that you're carrying around popcorn :)

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