Getting Ready for December and A Sale!!

Woohoo!! I got BOTH Grade 1 and Grade 2 December centers finished!! 

Don't ask me how. I don't know. But I did.  I feel so accomplished! ha! 

So here is Grade 1...

In the literacy center pack includes 15 centers:

Word Work:
Label a Picture (2 versions of 2 different pictures)
Digraph Sounds - Clip and Write
December Poem with Task Cards

Reading Clues - Adjectives (matching)
Make a Sentence (noun, verb, adjective)
Incomplete and Complete Sentences

Read and Illustrate
Sequencing - Main Idea and Details
Sight Words

Sentence Scramble
Stretch a Sentence
Be an Author

Spin-a-Word - Blends 
Building Words -ng words
Word Families -ng words

And don't forget the Add-Ins!!
Story Structure
Summarzing (SWBSF)
Summarizing with writing it out
Thematic Writing Paper
Problem and Solution
Evaluate the Story

The Math pack includes 16 centers:

Roll-a-Problem - Addition Problems (missing addends)
Related Facts (Commutative Property)
Balancing Act: Addition
Word Problems

Rolling Numbers - adding 3 addends
Spin-a-Number: Counting by 10s
Comparing teens
Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart

Missing Addends
Place value - tens and ones
10 Frames
Number Recognition - Standard, Word, and Tally Marks

MD and G:
2-D Shapes 
Time to the Hour and half hour
Coin Recognition

Let's not forget 2nd grade!!

14 literacy centers:

Word Work:
Making Words - (2 versions of 2 different pictures)
Mixed Up sight Words
December Poem with Task Cards

Past Tense Verbs
Plural Nouns

Cause and Effect
Sequencing - Main Idea and Details
Sight Words

Sentence Scramble
Stretch a Sentence
Be an Author

Spin-a-Word - Silent E with digraphs and blends
Vowel Teams
Word Families -ng words

There is also a section for the "Add-Ins" - the thematic book response activities!

 And the 15 math centers:

Roll-a-Problem - Adding 10s with even and odd
Related Facts (Commutative Property)
Balancing Act: Addition with missing addends
Word Problems

Mixed up Numbers - standard, explanded, and base tens
Spin-a-Number: Missing Addends
Comparing hundreds
Regroup or Do Not Regroup - addition and subtraction

Measuring Inches
Time to hour, half hour, and quarter hour
Counting Coins
Data Collection

2-D Shapes 
2-D Shape Hunt
Using Clues to find the shape

And good news... for me anyway! I finally finished the whole year for 2nd grade!!

Did you hear that??

The whole year!!! What a sense of relief...for one of the things on my list.  So, I'm bundling all the bundles - haha.. I've decided to do "season" bundles.  First up? Winter Bundle!  You can get all of the centers in my December, January, and February bundles!

I also have some other December-themed packs ...

My first set of December centers, you can get the bundle, or buy them separately 

And my Holidays Around the World pack.. one of my first packs I made a few years ago... and I'm so bummed I don't get to do this with my class this year. It's always so fun!

And another one of my favorite activities.. my Label It and Write About It pack for December...

Another one of my favorite things to do is the Monthly Family Projects! December is a fun month...I wish I could see the projects they're going to bring in!

And here's even better news...

There is a BIG sale where you can get any and all of these bundles on sale! In fact, my WHOLE store is on sale! Click on the sale button below to check out all of products.


Sweet Caroline!

My Sweet Baby C has made her appearance!  

Come on over to my Splash of Life Blog to read about her birth story!


Bubble Wrap Lint Roller Painting Turkey - freebie!

The other day, I tried a new kind of painting....

Bubble Wrap Painting!

I tried it out...and it turned out SO cute!!

I took some bubble wrap and put it on a lint roller, then rolled it in some paint, and painted the feather paper.  Here is how a few different ones came out...

I cut out the feathers after the papers dried, and glued the turkey together.

I love how it came out!  I took it home and had my girls try it out.  Autumn loved painting with a lint roller - haha!

She cut out all the other pieces while the feathers were drying and glued it all together. Then I got the brilliant idea of having there be a "writing activity" to go with it. So I quickly made one and told her to draw what she's thankful for.  Her response?? "I'm thankful for being loved!"  

Melt. My. Heart.   I mean seriously. Isn't that what all kids really want? To be loved??  She really does have such amazing insight into what really matters in life sometimes.

And because I'm so thankful for you guys, I would love to share these with you!

If you want the templates for the turkey, click {HERE}

And for the writing templates, you can grab them {HERE}.

And THANK YOU for all your comments! I really do love them!


Thank You Cards - Freebie!

Our writing lesson this week is to write "Thank You" cards to our donors for our Donors Choose projects. I need to get them finished and mailed off before I go on my leave! Eek!

They have turned out so cute!

I just copied the pages pack to front and an instant Thank You card, complete with writing lines!
We did a quick little lesson on the parts of a friendly letter and then put it to use!

I figured maybe you could use the letters since it's a good week to write thank you letters to veterans!

These are good for anytime of the year and for anything, really.  If you think you could use them, click the picture below.

Happy Monday, my friends!


Fun with 2-D Shape Friends

Last week, one of our math concepts was learning about 2-D shapes.

I posted about how I taught in 2nd grade {HERE} last year.  We had some serious fun - using the iPad app, geoboards, making our shape books.  SO much fun!

This year, since I'm in 1st grade now, I took a little bit different approach. We don't need to go into quite as much detail as in 2nd grade, but we still had a lot of fun!  One of my favorite activities we do is to make the shape friends.  When I taught 2nd grade, I had them free-hand draw and cut the shapes (well, with a ruler), but with 1st grade, I printed up templates and made tracers for them. But everything else on the shapes they did themselves. I always love how they come out.

My personal favorite this year is this little "French Hexagon." lol... complete with a speech bubble saying "wee wee!"  We had just done our "Five Little Pumpkins" illustrations from my Pumpkin unit, and she needed to do the same for her shape. I love it!

You can grab the tracers and shape cards freebie {HERE}.

We also did some sorting activities - you can grab those freebies {HERE}.

We did some comparing and contrasting of shapes and some geoboard fun too.  Those activities can be found in my Geometry pack

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