Getting Ready for March! {Freebies!}

I can't believe I'm saying it already! I'm getting ready for March already. Wow...does time fly, or what?!

Another month of OH-SO-MUCH planned! Honestly, I don't know how I am going to get it all done! But I did the same thing for February, and I got 95% of it in! 
psst - Did you see my Getting Ready for February post? No? Check it out {HERE}.

And yes, I do hibernation in the spring, when they are waking up from their hibernation. I have a hard time thinking about hibernation in the fall, since we don't really have a fall here, and the kids don't get why they would need to hibernate when it isn't cold. But by now, we've had a few cold days, so now they get it! :)

I do Knuffle Bunny around now because that's my version of the Easter Bunny. haha!

So here are some things that I'll be using in March - you can click on them to check them out!

The Math with Fish is perfect to use with Dr. Seuss week, after reading Red Fish, Blue Fish.

2nd grade centers...

I don't have the 1st grade bundle ready yet because I'm still working on the math centers! Ahh! Hopefully it'll be ready by the end of the weekend!


Grab these bookmarks for FREE {HERE}


And of course, we always use my Spelling Dictionary - read more about it {HERE}


You can grab my monthly poetry covers and writing journal covers for free by clicking on the pictures!

Get the Calendar for free {HERE}

Check out my post on my plans for themes for First Grade {HERE}

Don't forget - the BIG TpT sale!!


All About Worms!

Last week, we did one of my favorite themes - worms! The kids always love this theme too.  We started it off with our small groups reading from the Reading A to Z books.  As soon as they saw the cover they got all excited. I love that. Excited to learn. Imagine that.

In our whole group, we read a few different books. Here some of the books we read during the week.

As we read, we added details to our planning page. Then, we wrote our "sloppy" copy for our "All About Worms" writing activity.

We also compared Diary of a Worm and Wonderful Worms. This picture doesn't show it, but we found a LOT of ways they were similar...and of course how they were different. They kept finding ways that the fictional book was still true. 

We also made a worm habitat!  They wrote out the steps of "How to Build a Worm Habitat."

Then we made it!

We made our first observation. They were so excited that even after one day, there were all kinds of different tunnels.

Then, today we did the 2nd observation.

The poem in my Worm pack lends itself nicely to reviewing adjectives

Our skill this week was measurement.  I started off by reading Inch by Inch by Leo Lioni

Then we read our Inchworm's Trip poem. It came from {THIS} book.

Then I passed out some worms for everyone to measure.  I love using these worms. These are the worms that we used.


The next day, the kids got to use the worms to measure different items in the class.

This activity comes from my All About Worms pack. If you don't have a bucket of these worms in your class, I included some worms in the pack that you can print and laminate to use for this activity.

He was totally amazed that it took that many worms - ha!

Then it was time to break out the rulers!

By the end of the week, I was able to conference with the kids on their sloppy copy writing so they could write their neat copy. While the writing activity comes from my All About Worms pack, the oh-so cute craft comes from Rowdy in Room 300- her worm glyph pack.

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