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The other day, I printed and laminated all my stuff for February...

If you want to see everything I've been printing, you can head over to my Getting Ready for February post {HERE} - there are lots of freebies too!

yeah right. 

I'll  be printing and laminating more, I'm sure. 

I couldn't live without my lamintor at home!
And actually, I have another one at school.   I really only use the school's laminator if I'm doing things that are too big too fit in my laminators.

So my question this week is... how many of you have laminators at home?? AND/or one at school?? Do you go to your local teacher store to laminate? Do you do it at school?

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Getting Ready for February! {freebies}

I have a lot of things planned for this month... especially a month that is a short month! And even more especially since it's my first month back.


I may not get to all of it....
Some are only 1-2 days of talking about it
I integrate a lot and do themes in my small group reading
I always over plan. Always.

Better to have too much than not enough??

So here are some of the things I will be using this month. This does not include things that I will be using from other fabulous bloggers, but I will be sure to share as I use them!

One of my must haves/go-tos is my February centers.

Grade 1 {HERE}
Grade 2 {HERE}


Grab these bookmarks for FREE {HERE}


Need to send  home student names for Valentines? Grab my freebie below!

Get these freebie cards at {THIS} post

And for phonics, we'll be working with long vowel patterns. I will probably be updating these packs as I use them, since I've added some new activities to my newsest phonics packs.

And of course, we always use my Spelling Dictionary - read more about it {HERE}


You can grab my monthly poetry covers and writing journal covers for free by clicking on the pictures!

Get the Calendar for free {HERE}

Check out my post on my plans for themes for First Grade {HERE}


Monthly Number Cards {Freebie}

One of the things I'm always looking for is numbers in my classroom. I want to use the numbers for so many ways. And I'm horrible at thinking of numbers for some reason. Why is that?!  So one of the things I've decided to do is to be prepared for the numbers. Why don't I just make them!? Duh, Jen.  So that's what I just did.  

Most of the time, I need the numbers when I'm doing my whole group mini lessons in math or our calendar time. But here are some other ways you can use the numbers:

  • student numbers
  • to group students
  • number sense
  • compare numbers
  • random number generator
  • a starting number to add or subtract 10s
  • number order
  • center activities
  • adding 2 numbers
  • number lines

How else would you use them?? I'd love to get some more ideas!

Here's what they look like

If you don't want to use your color ink, but you still want the monthly theme

I've started with February, and as each month comes I'll make those.  There are also the blank set in the zip file so that you can just print off some blank ones - or on different colors for each group or center or month. 

Click {HERE} to get the number cards.
*If you're on a mobile device, it might not work because it's a zip file. You might need to try it on an actual computer.


Using Nonsense Words for RTI and Centers

One of the skills that I really want my kids to be able to do is sound out nonsense words. To me, this is how I know they really know their phonics sounds and rules. 

I do this in my whole group and in my centers a lot. And our school (and district) actually does a school-wide intervention (and enrichment) time where we divvy the kids up by what phonics skill they are on.  When I have a phonics group (as opposed to a Phonemic Awareness), I do a lot of the real vs. nonsense words for the skill. The first phonics group is CVC... depending on the group, I spend a week on each vowel. Or sometimes I can just do a quick review and do a mixed CVC week of lessons. I usually just made some lessons here and there to do with my kids.

Well, I finally put them all together.  Here's what's included in all 6 CVC packs 
(yes, I know there are only 5 vowels...lol. Each vowel has its own pack and then there's a mixed CVC)

First, there are tons of word cards to use throughout the pack in different ways. You can obviously sort them, but there are tons of other ways you can use them. Plus, I just like have a pile of words to be able to use so I don't have to think of words on the spot. I don't know why, but thinking of nonsense words "just like that" sometimes is tricky for me. So weird! lol

Then there are student sorting activities. You can do the sort on a separate paper like this...

Or in a flap-foldable like this. Mix it up each week to make it a little fun.

Then there are a lot of printables to do. This is a Highlight and Write

This one is always a favorite because they love to roll the word cubes.  There are a few different cubes to make the center stretch to a few weeks.

I like to use the picture cube dice and just write the onsets and rimes on index cards and put them in the "sleeves"

Another dice activity, but with an actual dice. I LOVE to dice activities in my class. I have a post written on all kinds of dice activities I like to do. You can check it out {HERE}.

This one is where they have to walk around the room to find the word cards. They are numbered and they have to put them on the corresponding line and then decide if the words are real or nonsense. This activity can be differentiated.. there is a page that has sentence lines for them to write sentences and there's a version that doesn't have any lines for writing out sentences.

This one you just put word cards around the room (like the ones that you can sort)

There are more activities included in each pack, but I wanted to show you these, which my kids do a lot during centers and RTI time.

Here is a better look at what's included... this is what's in the MIXED CVC pack, but all the packs have the same activities, just changed for that specific skill.

You can buy the packs separately, or but the bundle and save!


A Penguin Preposition Book Freebie!

I had a good response to my Spider Preposition book that I shared in my Spider post {HERE}. And I, personally don't take a week to teach preposition, but I do know that since they are in our standards, they need to be "mastered."  So I just do some activities here and there. I mean, The kids usually get them. My Autumn even gets prepositions (what the word means... not the ability to point out a "preposition" by any means. lol). So since I teach Penguins in January, I thought why not do another preposition book? 

This one is set up a little differently because the pictures are already in the book, the students just have to add to the book. They have to read the question and figure out where the preposition is telling them to do something. I like to have my kids highlight (with a crayon) the preposition so that I know they can identify it. Then they illustrate the answer and then write the answer on the lines. I like to have them highlight the preposition in their answer too, so that they can make sure they put it in there.

The answers can be written in different ways - whatever suits the needs of your students. 

I had Autumn do this and she drew bats. Of course she can't write, so I just wrote it for her. But she knew where to draw it, so that's what I wanted to know with her!

You can have them write more simple sentences like this, if this is where your students are at with their writing.

Click on the pictures to grab your freebie!

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