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So, I have recently read one of my favorite blogs (EEK - I can NOT remember which one it is...I totally need to start making a notes of where I get all the freebies from when I download them. If it was you, PLEASE tell me and I will give you credit for sure!), and her organization got me inspired to organize my planner better differently. So, I made a trip to the DREADED store, and made a few purchases and spent an hour or so on the computer revamping my planner. The result?? My new binder that I LOVE!

*I think I found it!!! It was at Kindergarten Works!! This isn't the original post, BUT she has links to her planner, which is essentially where I found it to begin with - I think! (Look in her Lable "Organization" and she has TONS of good stuff!!)

The border paper I already had lying around the house, but I desperately needed a new binder, since my old one had stains from the words that I had written on the previous insert. lol

What I love about these dividers (aside from the durability and the pocket) is that you can ERASE permanent marker!!!
The inside is set up by sections: Calendars, Planners, Guided Reading/Center Menus, Standards/Pacing Guide, and my references. The references are table of contents from books that I use all the time to help me with my theme planning, a chart that correlates all the different leveled readers (like A-Z, fontas and pinell, etc), or the Math Journal Prompts that I use (that I bought from Anna's TpT store at Fun-nFirst). Basically, anything that I want to reference all the time so I don't have to get up and look for it.

The calendar section is our school's calendar and a printed up calendar that I got from Kindergarten Works.  I used to just use the school's calendar, but it's entirely TOO SMALL for me to write all my notes...yes, LOTS of notes! Click HERE to get the calendar.

The planner section is my newly revised planner I made (also inspired by Kindergarten Works). I'm really excited about how well it's working out for me!
Click here to get a copy of it for yourself. I have it in word form, so you can modify it to fit your day.

The one thing I'm still working on is figuring out a guided reading planner that fits well this year -sigh. It's just not working the way I want it to right now. But I'll share that when I get it the way I want it. Until then - any ideas???

Want to see more?!?! A Teacher's Treasure is hosting a Planning Linky Party. You can see all kinds of different set ups!


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing Jen! So glad you love the calendar!
- Leslie

Kim said...

Hi Jen:

I love to visit your blog. I always come away with something new. Today I am leaving with the motivation to buy a new binder!

Thanks for sharing your lesson planning strategies. You gave me some good ideas to consider.

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Jen R said...

Aw - thanks Kim! I'm glad I can motivation to others, since I get so many inspirations from all of "you!" :)

Unknown said...

I love your calendar are you by any chance going to be posting a new one for the new school year?? 2012/2013

Jen R said...

yes!! I'm hoping to get to it this summer :)

Unknown said...

YAY!! thank you Im excited!

Leslie said...

The new calendar has been posted for 2012-2013 :)

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