Mr. Bones

October is one of my FAVORITE months to teach! 
One of my favorite activities I do is Mr. Bones. I bought a skeleton one year after Halloween (hello great clearance!!), and I label him while the students label their own personal skeleton.

They cut out the pieces and glue them to a black piece of paper. 

Click here to the the student Mr. Bones.

Each day, we learn a few of the new bones. When I taught 3rd grade, they learned about 11 different bones. Click HERE to get those labels.  I think I will just do the main ones for 2nd grade....Pelvis, Cranium, Phalanges (I LOVE that word - haha!), Rib Cage, Spinal Column, and maybe Femur and Radius (just so they get one of the arm and one of the leg). After I do it this year, I will have a better idea of what they can handle.

Then, at the end of the week, they have a labeling "quiz," after which they get to celebrate their success with Skeleton candies! 

We use THESE  (from Oriental Trading) so they can continue their practice in labeling the bones.

I have also done a Q-Tip bones (depending on the year, sometimes we have time, and sometimes we are pressed for time!)

Happy Learning!!


Barbara said...

Hi Jen,

I’ve nominated your blog for an award! Visit the link below to copy/paste the Versatile Blogger button. Share seven things about yourself and pass the award along to the most versatile blogs you follow. Congrats and Happy October!

Grade ONEderful

Jen R said...

Wow!! Thank you! I feel so honored!

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