Amber Brown Writing

I got this great idea from Mrs. Lemons...LOVE her!!

I read these two Amber Brown the way, my students became ADDICTED to Amber Brown books - YAY!!!

Then, we talked about Amber and Justin's friendship.  

I told them to close their eyes and imagine they are playing with THEIR best friend.....who are they with and what are they doing?? PAUSE!!!! (their mind DVD player - push pause on that frame).
Then, we did a 4-square, mapping out our story. The first box was just "Who is it?" Box 2, was two things that tell how they look and two things how they are - silly, funny, smart, trustworthy, etc.  Box 3 was what they like to do together. And box 4 was the conclusion - "Everyone should have a best friend like ___." They could of course change the conclusion if they wanted to. 

I wrote mine first to demonstrate. I used four different color markers to show that I used each of the four boxes.  Click here to get the printables and here to get the rubric. 

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amy.lemons said...

I love the four square activity... that is perfect! I'll have to add that to my plans for next year :)

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