Apple Week - Hands on Activities and Free Downloads

OOH.... Apple week activities! We have had a lot of fun with apple week in the past. Let's do a walk down memory lane, shall we? 

I always give them a folder filled with the pages that we'll use for the week. Most of the activities come from my Hands-On Learning with Apples pack.  That way, I'm not constantly passing out papers and they can all go home at once. 

Of course, we have to taste test apples and chart our favorite. It's a great time to talk about the data, too. 

One of our favorite activities is to do AppleJacks Math, which is in THIS FREE file. 

I also love using Scholastic News. I actually keep all of my Scholastic News articles and don't send them home. That way if the next year, they don't have one that fits my theme for the week, then I still have left over from previous years. 

We do a lot of hands on activities too, during our Apple Day- although these days, I'm not sure how much people are able to do with volunteers right now. But these definitely doable as a whole group activity, I've done it before.

and let's not forget....homemade applesauce in crockpot. Which makes the room smelly YUMMY

You can find a lot of these apple activities HERE


Amazon Lately

It's fall! I am pretty excited for the cooler weather to (slowly) make its way back... but I know it'll be short lived. I mean, Florida falls are ever changing!

BUT, I've gotten a few things from Amazon lately that I thought I'd share - some are great for school, but mostly I bought them for home. 

I got THIS cute new popsocket for fall. I do love a good theme.

And I don't know why, but we all NEEDED these large claw clips - going back to the 90s...or was it 2000s?? With 3 girls in the house, these will definitely get used! 

And I got THESE and THESE pillow covers - I had to get one set for fall, and one set for Halloween

I bought THESE pillows and instead of having to store all the pillows, I just have to store the pillow covers - so much better! And after reading a bunch of reviews, I went with a size SMALLER in the covers than what I bought the pillows, that way it makes them stuffed better - otherwise reviewers said that there was a lot of extra room. 


And one last thing I bought - it would be great for the classroom or the house, or for traveling! 
This 6 inch power strip cord! One of those things you didn't know you needed until you had it, right? 


So that's it for my Amazon finds lately - I'm sure I'll be back with more! 


Getting Ready for October

Holy. Cannoli. WHAT. A. YEAR so far. I can't even believe it's almost October soon!!

October is just a whirl wind!! It's super crazy, in the teacher world and the mom world. I'm not sure which direction I'm going anymore - does anyone else feel that way??

Here are some things I have done for past Octobers.... they range from Community helpers, to bats and spiders and owls to pumpkins - I wish October was longer! 

I usually start the month with....

 I love when my husband used to come and give presentations. 

 THEN, we can't forget Bats,

and I LOVE Spiders, 

and Owls!  
(You can see some older posts on each of those by click on those links...)

I love using Reading A-Z or for nonfiction passages. And also PebbleGo!  The art is from Art for Kids Hub on Youtube - one of my go-tos for directed drawings!

And of course - owl week wouldn't be complete with dissecting owl pellets!! So. Much. Fun!!

I also love to read the book, Monster Trouble, and did a prediction activity to go with it. I'm really trying to get them to USE THE TEXT to help them answer questions... WHY oh why is it so hard to do? 

You can click HERE to grab the Monster Trouble Prediction paper. 

We also take some time to review 2-digit numbers, since we're adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers now... it's always good to review!

You can click HERE to download the template. 

 And of course, we can't forget Pumpkin week! So many Pumpkin activities!! You can see previous years' activities in THIS post.

We'll be working a LOT in our Pumpkin Book...

And for our actual Pumpkin Day, we'll be doing a few of these activities...

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