Common Core packs! and some freebies!

Well, I think I maybe a little cross-eyed now, but I'm finally FINISHED!!! I FINALLY finished my 2nd Grade Common Core packs....

I actually like to keep all these in a binder too - but I'm not going to show you those right now, because I want to print up my "prettier" version of what I just updated and then I'll take those pictures. BUT, click the pics to go check them out!

Need an organized way to keep track of which standards you teach and which students have mastered those standards? I have set up EACH standard into a "gradebook" so that you can easily keep track of your students' progress throughout the year. Just print out and write in your students' names!

Need to display your standards? I have typed up each standard in student-friendly wording. I also broke up the standards that are longer into separate standards. 

When you download the product, it will be a zip file, with two different version - one version has straight print, and the "Kid Writing" version has a kid-type print. You choose which one you want to print and display!

You can buy them separately or buy them BUNDLED!!

I've already gotten requests for K, 1, and 3 - ha! I WUB you guys!!

I will get to them, I promise! :)

Also - if you already saw my visual plans, go back and check them out, I forgot about my fluency page we're doing this week....

AND ONE more thing....

Do you "like" of my Facebook Page?? I posted some FREE April Calendar cards for you to download!

Ok, I must go to the beach now....tomorrow I am returning to work, and I have to get in my last Spring Break beach day!


Return from Spring Break Visual Plans! Freebies included!

I'm a day early - woop woop!!

Here's this week's plans. the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

Something I found AFTER I made these plans, but it's super cute, is this Spring Break FREEBIE
This will be their morning work when they come in in the morning.

This week, I'm using one of older packs - I'm a little partial to this one because my hubs made the gnat for it! Isn't he so cute?!? Doesn't he look like a know-it-all??

AND, we're also going to be working with another one of my older packs - my Homophone Pairs...
I made mine a little different - everyone does the pair of pears and such... but I made mine a pair of sneakers -lol. JUST to be different. 

And OOPS! I forgot to put in my fluency page we're doing this week - click the pic to grab it.

For Earth Day activities, I'm using a combination of Lori's stuff, and Lynsdey's stuff - two of my favorite people!

We're going to be doing a lot from my new Geometry pack! 
(and yes, the 3-D is coming soon! I've gotten man questions about it - and I'm so excited that you guys are so interested in my packs! I promise, it's one of the next things on my to-do list!)

And on Friday, we're going to be doing our April Quilt from Reagan - my kids LOVE doing these...I have to take an updated picture of our quilt  looks so great!

LOTS of goodies for centers this week. I'm using my Homophones and Know-It All Gnat packs for Reading, as well as the Word's Worth from my money pack. AND I found a bunny adjective activity from another fave - Kelley! 

For my math centers, I needed some bunny centers to go with my motif. And THANK goodness I found Kristen's Spring is All Around pack! And I found that cute easter monster freebie in my files!

 And as we are nearing official "Spring" season for teaching, just a reminder that I updated my Spring packs - so make sure you go download your revised version if you've already bought them!

I'll be back tomorrow with something new!!


Working with Money - Part 2!

AND, I wanted to let you know that I have made my "Part 2" of my money pack -this one works with coins AND Dollars. I'm super excited to get my kids working with it!

This pack has TONS of activities to get your students working with money!

Money value sheets - in color and b/w for both coins and dollars
Ways to make a dollar tree map or flip-foldable
How Much Money? game board
Let's Go Shopping - matching coins to the price - can also be used as a walk around the room
Can I Get It? - Add the money to see if they have enough - and if not, figure out what they need
More or Less than a Dollar?(THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!) - make a wallet and sort the money cards in the folds of the wallet 
Put 'em In Order - greatest to least or least to greatest
I Have, Who Has - two different levels
Word Worth - with coins and dollars

Just starting out working with money? Check out my Working with Coins pack!

Get it while it's on Sale until Friday night!

Updated geometry - already!

Hey guys - just a quick note that if you already bought and downloaded my 2-D Geometry pack, go back and download it! I just added more activities to it! I woke up this morning with some more (duh!) ideas....activities that I always do with 2-D geometry.

I added a literature connection activity - making shape pictures with labeling the shapes AND some Geoboard activities! (Don't worry, if you don't have Geoboards, you can still do these activities!)

So let me reiterate what's included....

Vocabulary Cards 
Student created books
Polygon Tree Maps - Teacher and student edition
Compare and Contrast shapes - with writing extension
I Have, Who Has with 2-D shapes and real life examples
Shape Tables - filling out information and comparing shapes
Shape Hunt - 2 versions: going on a shape hunt in school and a page hunt, coloring each shape according to the color code
Literature Connection activity -  Shape Pictures with labeling shapes
Geoboard Shapes
Geoboard Shapes Books

It's still on sale until tonight (Tuesday)!! Snag it now!

Check it out HERE
My friend just posted this - it's the weather for today.... did Mother Nature forget that it's my SPRING BREAK and I want to be at the BEACH?!

Here is my mantra....

except, I can't get to the beach - because of this weather! argh!! 

Ok, I guess, I will try to figure out something else


Got in my groove for geometry

Hey friends!

Just a quick note to let you know how I spent my FIRST official day of spring break....

Nope, no beach, sorry....

BUT, I did take a joy ride with my girls  - we just had to be outside today, it was so beautiful!

AND....(I can't believe I'm getting ready to show you this)
I would like to have back the hour it took  me to do THIS pile...

that's what happens when you're sick for a week I guess - blarg!

BUT, then I went back outside and I started getting to work on my geometry pack - It was SO hard to get into it...but as soon as I started it, then I was able to get in my groove - ha!

SO, let me introduce you to my new 2-D pack - HOT off the press! lol

This pack is filled with activities to do with your students for 2-D shapes!
Included is:
Vocabulary Cards 
Student created books
Polygon Tree Maps - Teacher and student edition
Compare and Contrast shapes - with writing extension
I Have, Who Has with 2-D shapes and real life examples
Shape Tables - filling out information and comparing shapes
Shape Hunt - 2 versions: going on a shape hunt in school and a page hunt, coloring each shape according to the color code
Literature Connection - Making Shape Pictures with labeling shapes
Geoboard Shapes
Geoboard Shapes Student Books

For more geometry, check out my Hands-On Fractions pack!

AND a 3-D Geometry pack is coming soon!

Get it on sale until Tuesday night!


My plans for this week

Here are my visual plans for today!

(clip art DJ Inkers and Font Rowdy Fonts)


I'm sorry, no plans for this week. But don't worry, I have some goodies for you!

I've been doing a lot of summarizing lately and using SWBSF. I've been getting a lot of questions on my FB about this. So, I went ahead and made some posters for it. They're free - you can snag them in my store.

Also, I redid my Gooney Bird Greene pack, so if you've already bought that, go redownload your updated version for free!

So, there's a new blog in town! She's been such a super sweet follower of my FB and TpT store. She leaves  the greatest comments and feedbacks! Trust me, it doesn't go unnoticed by us when you guys leave great comments and feedback (and the feedback doesn't have to be all positive, we like to know what we could do to fix it if you didn't like it!) She's been on the fence about starting up a blog, and my advice to her was to just "Jump In!" So she did.  So I would love if you would take a second to go follow her (AFTER you finish reading my post - ha!)

Ive Got It Made in Second Grade
I think that's all I have for you....for now.....
But I will leave you with the photos for the week....
This was my lunch pretty much all week - living off of Vitamin C and
I got my 10 year reunion letter in the mail from my - time has flown!!!

I see toofer #3 - FINALLY!

not the best picture of  me - but I just LOVE this picture!

We got our well dug deeper (because our sprinklers are rusting everything - see this post), and what do I really only have to show for it?? I mud pit for my girls to play in! ha!

It was my first day of Spring Break yesterday, I was going to go to the beach come rain or shine, it was really yucky over at my house, but I'm sure glad I went to the beach, because the weather is always better OTB (over the bridge).
I should clarify though, that it is supposed to be COLD on my Spring Break! WhAT?! We haven't had a cold spring break for as along as I can remember!! (and by cold, I mean low-mid
So I am just going to enjoy what days I can at the beach...
Ok - NOW you can go follow Jenna's new blog :) Have a great rest of your weekend, friends!


Magnet Fun and a winner!

Ugh. My sickness is coming back. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. 

BUT, today was Field Day and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was sunny, breezy, and about 70 degrees. FABULOUS day for being outside for almost 2 hours watching my kiddos having fun!
(did you see my fancy words, Rachelle? ha!)

Anyway, because I'm feelin' a less than stellar today, this post is short and sweet.

We did some magnet activities this week...

They had to predict if a magnet could pull up the paperclip from the OUTSIDE of the different cups. I used a  glass mason jar, a styrofoam cup, and a plastic cup. I put some water in the cups. And I gave each group the SAME kind of magnet - so there was only ONE variable - the type of cup.

They noticed that they couldn't lift the paperclip over the lip on the mason jar, but one of my smarties went and got a bigger magnet off my board, and then discovered it worked - Oh, how I love them sometimes!

If you want the activity - click the pick. It's a pretty fast and fun activity for them!

AND, last night I did a post of my organization - and my updated spring packs...

It was such a long post that if you were able to get to the end of it, then I was doing a giveaway - the winner could choose one of the packs from that post - 

I did the Random Number site and it chose Melissa from Jungle Learners!!
The email should be coming to you soon!

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