Absent Student

When my students are absent, we usually just put their work on their clipboard and it would be waiting for them when they got back. Well, sometimes they don't know what they are supposed to be doing in class, and for homework.
I came across this freebie from Kleinspiration  - which made me think...duh?! Of all my years, and I didn't think of something like this to put on their clipboard with their work??? Wow. HA!

BUT...I wanted to change a few things because a lot of my students are absent for other reasons than just because they're sick...and I wanted to add a homework spot...and I like the word finished better than done (lol - it's something that my teammate drills into us. Thanks for the lesson, Cheryl! lol) I also have an addiction to cute font! lol... so here is my version :)
 Click HERE to get a copy. 


Miss C said...

Turkeys are done, people are finished! :)

Jen R said...

Yes! That is what she says! :)

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