Wishlist Wednesday - Vocabulary Journals

Today is WISHLIST Wednesday!!

Today's item on sale and up for a giveaway is my vocabulary Journal!! 

I'm so excited about this one because this is one of my FAVORITE things I use in my room. I actually JUST sent it off to our print shop to make them for me.

Here are some pictures of it in use throughout our year....

You can check out my blogpost on it HERE and Stephanie posted about how she uses it too (link is in that post). Here is the preview for you to see what's included:

You can enter below for your chance to win... giveaway ends tonight! But you can grab it on sale until Friday night. Just a few little clicks and you're entered!

Check out my Vocabulary Journals 
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Wish-List Wednesday... Colorful Read Alouds with Bloom's Taxonomy!

It's Wish-List Wednesday!

Today's item is my Colorful Read Alouds with Bloom's Taxonomy! This is one way to get your students to be really engaged in your read alouds with higher level thinking!

Here are some pictures of how I've used them in the classroom.  You can check out one of the posts I wrote last year on it {HERE}

Enter in the rafflecopter below! Giveaway ends tonight, but the sale is until Friday night!

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Wishlist Wednesday... Numbers Every Day!

Today's Wishlist Wednesday is using my Numbers Every Day Folder! I have blogged about these folders a few times, but the best post is THIS ONE that you can check out to get an idea of how I use them.

Here is what's included in the pack.

I have supplied extra pages to switch out throughout the year, to change with your kids' new abilities as the year goes on!

Here are some pictures of my  kids using it in action a few times throughout the year (that's why the numbers are different in the picture... we use the same number all week.) I have them set up already for next year!

To check out more about these folders, check out THIS post.

Enter the giveaway in the rafflecopter below! A winner will be chosen TONIGHT (Wednesday), but it'll be on sale on TpT until Friday night!
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Name Tags Freebie and Math with Cards Giveaway!

 The other day, I posted a picture on Instagram of me printing and laminating the name tags I made. I had a lot of people wondering if I had shared them. Well... at the time, I was just making them for myself. 

My friend Christina (Sugar and Spice girl! Love her! She really is just so sweet!) showed me ones that she had made, and then I went from there to add in whatever I wanted... touch math, coins, short vowels, number line, colors, number chart....I pretty much packed it as full as I could. haha!  If you want it, you can click the picture to download it! I hope it works for you... well, actually. I hope it works for me! haha!

Also, yesterday on my FB page, I posted about my Wishlist Wednesday sale and giveaway! Head to my FB page to enter the giveaway! I'm giving away my Math with a Deck of Cards.

I use this pack ALL.THE.TIME.  My kids LOVE playing/learning with cards! Here are some pictures of us using them a few times last year.

Check out my blogpost on the pack {HERE}

Facebook page for the giveaway {HERE} Make sure you enter the rafflecopter in the "Giveaway" tab under the cover photo!  OR you can enter here on the blog.

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