Pumpkin books and song

Ok, so in our school, we are limited to TWO field trips each year (WAAA, BOOO, WAAAA some more).  SO, since we already have our field trips planned out, we figured we'd get shot down if we asked to go to the pumpkin patch...in addition to the other 2 trips. So, we had a FABULOUS lady come bring her pumpkins and presentation to us. 
She started off getting the kids all excited with singing this song....I'm so bummed I didn't get any pictures of this....they were so into it clapping their hands and singing along...but here are the words to it for you :)
Click HERE to get the song print out
Then she read them a nonfiction book, Growing Pumpkins. Can't you just look at her and see how awesome she was with the kids?!

Whilst reading the book, she showed off a pumpkin that was cut in half....they were coming up with some great similes!! I'm thinking that during our pumpkin week (which isn't for another week) we will be describing the inside of a pumpkin using similes....The inside of a pumpkin is LIKE a spider web...was one in specific that I remember - some other cute ones were said!

Then she asked them which of the pumpkins; small, medium, or large, did they think had the most seeds....of course the majority of them picked the larger one....makes sense to the young, untrained mind! lol.
Then she read them THIS fabulous book (which I usually read to my class since it's such a GREAT pumpkin math book!)

The presentation was super simple, but the kids LOVED it!! And it's so going to give them some background knowledge to start off our pumpkin week soon!!

Happy Teaching!!


Barbara said...

Oh wow! That's cool. I never thought of having someone in. Wish I did 'cause our province is in phase 1 of strike action and as part of that our school decided not to do field trips --sob sob --I LOVE the pumpkin farm. I mean, who doesn't? Also, I never thought of cutting a pumpkin in half like that. I think I'll get a small one and do that (along with the traditional pumpkin carving). Thanks for sharing!

Grade ONEderful

Jen R said...

NO field trips at all?? Sometimes I think that's the direction we're headed, each year they come up with a new "system" for field trips. But yes, we have lots of presenters come to us...our kids TOTALLY need that background knowledge and experience.

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