Plants, plants, everywhere plants!
So this week, our reading anthology's story was The Tiny Seed, by Eric Carle. I don't usually do the textbook stories, but I did this week....for 2 reasons. A) because our science unit happened to be on plants and B) WHO DOESN'T LOVE ERIC CARLE??? lol

So we spent a few days reading and discussing (enter flow map/sequencing graphic organizer for all you non-thinking maps people of the story hitting the important plant ideas in the story). Then we read a non-fiction book on seeds and did a double bubble (venn diagram). My goal this year is to get my students really good at reading and comprehending nonfiction, so we're incorporating nonfiction A LOT in my class.

Then we started our plant experiment. This is an activity that I learned at our inservice the other week - so we're going to try it out. It's planting a seed (we did three to up our chances of growing a in a paper towel with a black piece of paper around the inside of the cup.  I'm interested to see how it'll go. 

But then, during the Science Week in Blogworld, I learned that there's a book that talks about the same thing

 - ugh!! I totally just ordered it from amazon, so I'll just read it after the fact. lol

Then my intern really wanted to do a dissection of flowers with the kids so they could see what was on the inside of the flowers...well, that didn't work out the way she wanted, so she just bought them flowers to look at while they did their flapbook of "Parts of the Flower." (Stigma, pistil, leaves, stems, roots). Underneath the flaps are the definitions of each part. I will post more on the plants as our unit comes to an end.

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