Halloween with Jerry

It's Halloween, and I HAVE to go trick or treating with my little Lady Bug....

My costume is being 7 months pregnant...lol!

But I just wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE books to read to my kiddos each year. My fabulous friend (that used to teach 3rd with me) turned me onto this book...it is a MUST...Roll on the floor laughing - even my 2nd graders were laughing with it!

and you HAVE to get the one with the CD of him reading it!!! It's what MAKES the book SO fabulous! And those of you who used to (or still do) watch Seinfeld, you can TOTALLY see his expressions as he's reading it!

Tell me what you think of the book - or if you have any activities you do with it! I would LOVE to hear about them :)

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