Wow!! I've only been at it for just a few weeks, but I've already earned a blog award!! Thank you so much to Grade ONEderful for nominating me for the Versatile Award! 

Let's see......7 things about myself. 

1) I currently have an addiction to Pepperjack Cheese-Its. (lol - what? I'm pregnant - that's a NORMAL addiction)
2) I am jealous of all the people who live up north right now - they are getting to actually experience FALL.
3) I have OCD (see my earlier post that shows my labeling frinzy on all my drawers! lol)
4) I have entered the world of Blogging - addiction!!!
5) Dark chocolate is by far the BEST chocolate.
6) My baby girl #2 is due New Year's Eve.
7) I really want a cute/crafty looking blog, but don't even know WHERE to start looking into that! 

Now...onto my favorite blogs....GEEZ!!! How can I narrow it down???? These are JUST a FEW of them...I could add TONS to the list. (the whole "grab the button" thing...I'm not sure how to do that, so I just put a caption under their picture for the link)


Christine said...

I am a new follower, thanks to Barbara's award! I can't wait to read more about your year. Have a great end of the week!


Jen R said...

Hi!! Thank you for joining my world :)

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