Plants...part deux

Ok - so I didn't have time for this FABulous activity this week (seriously??? ANOTHER 4 day week??? I think we've only had TWO whole five day weeks in the last 2 months...wait - isn't that the whole year so far?? lol...but one of them was taken up by an ENTIRE day of career day, so we didn't do anything else in our class. Don't get me wrong, our kids loved Career day and there were LOTS of great "careers" this year. But I would LOVE a real week - one without testing, where we can start establishing actual routines - and SMALL GROUPS!! ok....I'm sorry, I'll get back to plants - lol)
But, I still wanted to post this. This idea was just too cute! My awesome teammate shared this idea with me, and I'm definitely filing it away for my files for next year. You'll need to get a baby picture of them and a picture of them from now. It's so super cute!

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