Getting Ready for Next Year - Freebies!

I'm the kind of person that likes to get ready for the next year before the end of this year. I know. You can call me crazy. It's ok. I understand. But it's the way I am.

So what am I getting ready?

Forms to send home during Meet and Greet:

My Parent Survey (it's free!). I keep this in my communication folder.

This is what I send home so that I can take pictures for my blog. I know it has my information on it, but if you need it for something else, then maybe you can use it as a template. Click HERE to download it.

And I send this home so that I can show some movies that are apparently PG. Click HERE to download it.

Click the picture below to get all these forms in my {TPT store}

I'm also restocking my calendar bins for next year! Head over to {THIS} post to see how I organize all of my monthly calendar-type activities.

I already have my calendar pieces done...but I'm getting ready all the pages that I want to use IN the calendar bundle. Check out my post on the calendar bundle HERE.

Our monthly poetry covers are printed up for the year. Find out how I use poetry in the classroom  and download the covers for free {HERE}

I also have our monthly writing journal covers ready to go... the journals themselves aren't done yet, but hopefully I'll have a wonderful parent volunteer next year to do them for me. See how I use the journals and download the covers for free {HERE}.

I've also sent my Spelling Journals to the Print Shop. 

I'm opting to use these this year instead of doing my phonics notebook, only because it's my first year in First grade AND at my new school, so I want to see what they can handle before I dive in full force! haha. But I used my Phonics Notebook this year and LOVED it...You can check that out HERE.

I've also sent my Vocabulary Journals to our print shop (I like send things to the print shop because they copy off a whole class set, with a cover and back cover AND bind them with a spiral thingy.... to me, NOT having to do it is worth me paying for it! lol) Check out my vocabulary Journals HERE.

I also have copied off all the writing pages and family notes for our Monthly Family Projects! IF I have enough time, I might even get frisky and run off all the templates for the crafts!

I'm also getting ready our Memory Books for next year... as we're finishing up this year's Memory books! lol
You can read more about them {HERE}

There are "All About Me" pages for the beginning of the year and the end of the year, so you can see the difference between the 2 times of year. It's always so fun to see the changes!  Then, there are monthly writing pages, so the students can write about what they learned that month. The kids have really been having fun with this.

Check them out in my TpT store {HERE}.

You can grab a FREEBIE from these memory books {HERE}

I have also printed out and laminated my personal behavior charts that I use from Rachelle. You  can read my post on how I use them {HERE}, although, I must say, I am thinking of changing the plan...again! haha!

I've also printed up my name tags for next year - I love that I don't have to go on a hunt to buy them every year! They have everything I want on them! You can download them for free on {THIS} post.

I've had my wonderful parent volunteer trace and cut out my jerseys for me.

In the beginning of the year, the kids decorate their jersey with their number on it and I leave them up all year.

Why do they have numbers? FOR SO MANY THINGS! I have a post on what I use numbers for {HERE}.

And last but not least, I got all planned out for next year! I came across Traci's curriculum planner, and I knew it would be perfect for me since I don't use the district adopted series.

I have my whole year planned out! This is such a beautiful sight. I wish I had this for this year as a first year 1st grade teacher. but now I won't be so "lost" next year - haha!

Check it out on Traci's blog {HERE}!  


That's a lot! And I still have more on my list to do for next year! And, um, this year isn't even over yet - haha!  Oh well. I will be thankful next year in the beginning of the year.


Alisha George said...

Thank you so much for this post! I've started my planning for next year now! :)

Nikki Rader said...

Girl, you are on top of it. My thoughts are solely on getting the heck out of there for the summer!!!!

Stacey said...

Love everything! The parent survey is missing #5. I would add e-mail address. Thanks

Jen R said...

Hi Stacey!
Thanks for letting me know - it's fixed now!

Jenn Kellams said...

Hi Jen! I love these and thank you for sharing them with us! I was wondering if you would be willing to share the movie permission slip with out a teacher's name or at least editable. I love yours but my name isn't Mrs. Ross. :-)

lee woo said...

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. See the link below for more info.


Calandra De Gourville said...

Thanks for your post! Especially permission forms for blogs and the parent survey!!!

Andrea Wheatcraft said...

I'd love to see your intstructions for parents for Remind app.

Tchur8 said...

I absolutely love the beginning of year forms for parents to fill out...especially the movie one! Is there any way that you can post it so that it can be editable? That way I could put in the movie titles that we do.
Thanks in advance!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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Daniel Aguirre said...

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Jenny Futch said...

I LOVE the jerseys!! I am doing a sports theme and want my kiddos to do something like this but can't find a jersey pattern I like. Is there anyway to get a copy of your pattern or could you direct me to where you got yours. My email is Thank you for any help!!!

Jen R said...

Hi Jenny!
I don't have a digital tracer, but I will try to remember to make one and scan it in when I go back. :)

eddy shaw said...

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