Wish List Wednesday - Memory Books!

Oh. My. Goodness.

You guys...
Today's Wishlist Wednesday is one of my favorite things!!

And guess what??

I've been giving them updates these last few days!!  

You can check out more of our Finished Memory Books in THIS post

The one thing I LOVE about these Memory Books is how much you can see their growth from the beginning to the end of the year. I start them the First Week of School, and we do them all year until the Last Week of School. 

(There are a few different grades - PreK, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade edition!)

Here's what is included - the original is landscape...

And I'm slowly but surely adding the portrait version to each grade!  You'll get both versions in the zip file you download from TpT.

The portrait version has a slightly different look to it too.... 

This one comes with editable pages too! 

I like to add pictures and type the names to the class page before I print them up.

Make sure to enter below to win your grade level that you need... but you can grab these Memory Books for HALF off until Friday in my TpT Store.

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Wish List Wednesday - Guided Reading Bundle

This week - it's all about Guided Reading!! 

I have done a LOT of posts on my guided reading - you can check out my favorite one {HERE}.  

I've also done some Guided Reading posts {HERE} and {HERE}. I have done a few posts on centers {HERE} and {HERE}. 

So what's on the agenda for our Giveaway and HALF OFF sale!? 

TWO things are included in the bundle...
1) The Guided Reading Rotation Powerpoint! Best thing EVER I have done in my room!

Each slide is on a timer, so I just push play and the whole thing runs without me having to get up and do anything!

I have 4 rotations.... Journal, Centers, Teacher, and Seatwork.

Every time the slides change, the wheel just turns. It works perfectly!

In between each activity slide, I have a "Clean Up!" slide that lasts for 30 seconds.

Now, let's talk about the Guided Reading Binder....

Included are grouping sheets...

I make a new one each month.   I don't always assess my AGL kids, but my OGL and my BGL I want to see if they're moving, so I do test them each month.

Analyzing sheets...
 I put them in the ORF data sheet as one of 4 different types of readers:


Sounds Boxes! (in my guided reading pack)

I've been using them forever!!

I mean... this picture is about 4 years old..and my computer crashed so I don't have the original to fix it, but you get the point! ha!

Whisper phones - I did a DIY post on those {HERE}

I also love EZ readers! I have a few different kinds that I've gotten from Really Good Stuff.

Another one of my favorite things I use are these little foam letters. I love them. They are smooth on one side and bumpy on the other side...so it's easier for them to know which way the "a" goes or the other easily mixed up letters.

I pick a mystery word out of the book we are reading and then I make words out of that word and we practice phonics skills.  The students use the little foam letters and I use my own letters in a small pocket chart. I do Making Words with my kids every week.  This is one of the activities in my Guided Reading pack. There's a teacher planner page that really helps you to plan it out so all the words flow, and then there are student extensions like this page.

All these resources (and more) can be found in my Guided Reading Pack, including some sample lesson plan templates. 

The Rotations PowerPoint is in my {Small Group Pack}

Or you can get them both in the BUNDLE and save money!

Enter the giveaway (ends tonight!) ... or click the links to get the bundle while it's on sale for HALF OFF (sale ends Friday)!!

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Monday Motivation - Morning Routines

This week's Monday Motivation is all about Morning Routine!

If you missed the other weeks' Monday Motivation, click below!

So... I'm not a huge fan of having students do morning work first thing in the morning when they get to class. I never really have been.  I mean - don't you want to say hi to your friends and do things in the morning before you come in and just start laying down the work??  Some of my little friends don't even come in the room until RIGHT before (or after) the bell rings, so if there's morning work, they don't have time to do it and then they're already starting their day behind. Not the way I would want to start my day either.

Instead, I have some activities for them to be able to socialize while also waking up their little brains.

Here's a little look at what our morning routines are like...

We open our doors at 7:45, and students come trickling in until 8:00. At our school, it's been "a rule" that we stand at our door to greet the students (and sometimes parents that walk their kids) at the door... that way we start their day off with a smile! Even if it's not a rule, I really like to do it - there are times when I have things I have to get done during that time, but otherwise, I really like greeting my students at the door.

Since they're trickling in, I have a list of things for them to do while they wait for the late bell.

I made little visuals for them so they could remember/read since they can't really read yet...lol

Changing books means to change their book baggie books out - they know their level bucket they get books from. 

They put back their old and get 2 new ones.

They get out their snack and binder and put their backpacks in the bins... Pink for the girls, blue for the boys. I just happened to have those colors on hand - it worked out perfectly! haha

Their lunch goes in the lunch bin...nothing fancy. We "dump" it when we go to lunch and they walk by and get their lunchbag on the way out the door.

Then they head to their seat and put their binder on their desk, or in their desk....just so it's there so that when it's time, they all open it once and check their return to school said and I collect it all at once.  

At this point, they finish their work they have in their blue folder (unfinished work from throughout the week) and then they can get out their morning buckets.  Each group has their own bucket. To keep it "fresh," I change the contents in the bucket each week.

There are {small personal geoboards}...

There's also a Play-Doh bucket and a {Quisinaire Rod} bucket.

I have other buckets to rotate out.... 

In those buckets, I have the {Banangrams}, {DK Silly Sentences}, {Picture Stencils} from Oriental Trading, and {Imagination Patterns} from Oriental Trading.

I have all kinds of different themes for them to choose from - and I got the big ABC stencils to use for Word Work centers too.

I am so excited for these! The case doesn't fit into my buckets, but that's ok - they don't need to make them magnetic.

The kids are able to get out their jitters, and social bug in the morning, while getting their brains warmed up for the day. 

You can check out {THIS} post I did a few years ago on doing "Social Hour" in the morning.

I feel like it is SO important for kids to be kids... we have so much to cram at them throughout the day, they need to have time to learn how to socialize - to learn social skills. Kids need to have time to have freedom of creations.... I learn so much about my kids just by letting them be creative the stories they have to tell as they're creating things, and they're so proud of their creations! They need to learn how to socialize, solve problems, and explore - and to be kids.  You'd be amazed at what kids can learn just through the power of play!

Once the late bell rings, we then do our Calendar time and math board and get started on our day. 

Click below to check out how other blogger/teachers manage their mornings!

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