Getting Ready for February in 1st Grade - Themes and Freebies

Can't believe it!! This week is February. I actually just typed January and had to change it - that's how much I can't believe it's February - haha.

So, before I dive into my themes and such, I want to share with you some things that I'll be doing for centers.  FIRST- I have to share with you!!  You guys have been asking for a LONG time now about my center rotations powerpoint....

Well, I FINALLY figured out how to make it work to where I can share it... and I've made it EDITABLE!! Even better, right!?  Sweet. So you can grab it in my TpT store and you can get it in a {bundle} with my Guided Reading Binder to save money!

If you've never seen my reading rotations - check out {THIS} post! TONS of ideas on how I run small groups.

For centers, I'll be using my February Centers.... 
Grade 1 {HERE}
Grade 2 {HERE}

{Label and Write About It! February} pack - great for differentiating!

Some more activities coming out of my {Valentine} centers pack.

One of my favorite "series" of books is {Splat the Cat}!  I try to use him as much as possible through out the year - and {Pete the Cat} too!

Click {HERE} to check out my Love, Splat pack!

Monday's writing lesson will be their January Memory Book Page. {THESE} are some of my favorite things to do...and the parents LOVE keeping them! You can also read another post on them {HERE}

I love these writing packs because I don't even have to think.... well, I DO, but everything I need is included in these writing packs!  I will be using both the {Winter} version and {NonFiction} version this month because we're doing Space too. 

The morning they walk in, it'll be time to color their January Journal covers for their {Poetry Journals} and {writing Journals}! These are freebies, click the links to grab them.

We'll be finishing up our {Space Unit} this week - I'll be back to blog about it more later this week! 

Oh my goodness - {WORMS}!! The kids just LOVE this. We always have SO. MUCH. FUN.  Check out {last year's post} on our Worm Week. 

And for phonics, we'll be working with long vowel patterns. I will probably be updating these packs as I use them, since I've added some new activities to my newsest phonics packs.

I'll also be doing my {RTI packs} with our "SMART" time groups - I'm doing blends this time 'round. But I also have the {CVC and CVCE packs}.  Check out {THIS} post to see how I use them.

Check out {THIS} post to see how I use Graphs EVERY day to help with math!

I don't go all crazy for Valentine's Day. It's actually my LEAST favorite "holiday" - IF you call it a holiday. lol. BUT, I do a few things... like this Hershey Kiss Simile. You can grab it for free {HERE}. 

And {Candy Heart Math} - that's ALWAYS a favorite!

And before I left on Friday, I copied all of the calendar activities in my Ultimate Calendar Bundle.  You can check out {THIS} post to see how I have it all organized for the year!

Grab these bookmarks for FREE {HERE}  Since I have kids in the {Chapter Book Club} they will definitely be need these! 

And one of my favorite activities each month is my Monthly Family Projects. You can actually grab a February for FREE in {THIS} post to try out!!


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