October book reports

OMGosh! I thought this was just SOOOOO super cute!! It's a fun and creative twist on book reports. Over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans, Hope has created a fabulous idea for book reports (And since I've started this post and saved it to send out -I didn't have my forms to attach to the post, there have been TONS of others posting about their Pumpkin Books....Next year I'm definitely doing this! There has just been SO much on my plate this year....AND now we just learned that our Principal got a fancy new job -YAY for her, but that means that we're getting a new principal...more work on our plate?? Or will he/she be a nice addition to the fabulous family we have FINALLY gotten at our school??? Sorry...I digress. lol). 

I usually do a character reenactment.
For my October book report, I usually do a commercial, which is when students make a short re-enactment of the story. They are STRONGLY encouraged to dress up as the character and use props during their acting. (Since I work in a Title I school, I can't MAKE anyone do a project that might be beyond their means).

They've always come out SOOO cute! I don't have any pictures, bummer...I don't have the permission from my former students since I just began my blog a few months ago. 

BUT, here are some of the forms that we used to send out for the book reports. I could not find them on my flashdrive (ummmm... a little curious as to why that is?!), so I had to beg my friend who is now in 5th grade that I used to teach with in 3rd for the forms - she's one you can count on for backups! :)

Click HERE for the letter to parents that explains the project. It is in PDF form, so if you want the original (which is in publisher format), just let me know and give me your email address, and I'll send it your way!
Click HERE for the students' choice of book letter. 
Click HERE for the rubric. 


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