Insta-catch up! and some freebies!

It was #teachertalktuesday on Instagram! 

Did you see all the awesome pictures being posted by everyone!?! Make sure you look it up! SO many great pictures and ideas!!

Here are a few pictures I posted on my instagram....

This is me laminating recording you do this??? I only print up 5 recording sheets for each center, laminate, and we're good to go! I've also used plastic sleeves, but this tends to last more, because smudges always seem to go inside the sleeves....somehow!

This is a little diddy I made today... 
I made this on my planning period today and had someone on Instagram asked if I had this posted somewhere - ask and ye shall receive!

Since we're talking about landforms in our Scholastic News this week....I wanted a "fun" way for them to keep them all organized.

Click the pic to download the freebie

Another picture series I posted today was about our grammar lesson... we went on a word hunt during our silent reading time....they found sentences with suffixes on them and wrote them on sticky notes.

Then we sorted them on our tree map....

(and yes, that is a REAL chalkboard - kickin' it #oldschool!)
Don't ya just love Caitlin's Letters?! I use them for EVERYTHING! Today, they were my tree map header.

And lastly.... I posted the link for my May Calendar Cards on my Facebook page!

Make sure you head on over there to download your free calendar cards! Just click through my photos to get to this picture and the link is in the comments - There is also April and March in there if you want those!

Bees, pancakes, and wedges!

NO, not!

I'm back - yes, the NEXT day! I know. It's hard to believe. But, I wanted to show you what we did last week. Some of the things anyway. I'm kind of a slacker on taking pictures lately. It's hard to get out of my small groups to walk around....but that's a good reason to be a slacker, right!? ha!

First up  - our Scholastic News...I LOVE doing these things!

We worked on Main Idea and Details with our article on bees.  I quickly made beehive tracers, they traced, wrote out the main idea and details, then traced with marker and colored! Some even added their own illustration details - they turned out so cute!

Then, we also did my Laura Numeroff Pack
(I'm really bummed at the lack of pictures of the activities we did...) 
(Learning Journals)

These are our Sentence Imitations. Whatever I put in my sentence, they had to put in theirs - and they had create their on the top one, their sentences had to have a sight word (for the week), a -ge or -dge word (spelling rule for the week), and a contraction. We use the characters and "happenings" from our stories from the week - reading and writing are reciprocal!
 We also tied in - measurement, steps in a process (forgot to take a picture of their how-to-steps!!! blarg!), AND a graphing activity - TONS of stuff going on here.

They only got 1 choice - plain, butter, syrup, fruit, or jam....

yum, yum, yum


I gave them little pancakes to draw their favorite toppings on and they graphed them.

Do you like my chart???? I LOVE it! Since we graph all the time, I wanted something that was interchangeable so I didn't have to keep making one. Click the pic below to go check it out!

All those activities came from my Laura Numeroff pack....(and more that you didn't see....because I'm a slacker - ha!) Click the pics below to go check out my pack.

One thing we didn't get to this year that I did last year was our cupcake fractions

Click HERE to go to that post to grab the freebie template for this activity.

AND another thing we did, was my -dge and -ge word pack

 OK, there ya have it. A little bit of this, and little bit of that. Hope to be back soon with some more pictures!!

17 more days!!!!


Visual Plans, Freebies, and Follow Me! the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

This week, we're doing different version of Three Little Pigs - I LOVE the MANY different versions there are! The kids are always amazed there are more than one version - ha!

We're going to be using my 3 Little Pigs pack, and I'm going to be adding more to it, because I just got a new idea to do....BUT first, I want to work it out with my kids to see what and how I want to do it.  

In my small groups, I'm going to start with doing Reading A-Z book, but then I'm also going to be using DeAnne's 3 Pigs unit for my small groups too.

There are a few freebies in the plans this week - make sure you download the plans to get the links!!

(the link for this freebie is in the visual plans!)

So, here is my Three Little Pigs unit - it's been updated since I used it last year....AND I'm going to be adding even MORE to it, so make sure you snag it up!

Take a look at some of the books that will be on my shelf this week!
(Thanks, Denise, for showing me this way cool widget!)

Just wanted to make sure you saw our FL blogger blog hop yesterday!

Click the pic to go my post, which will also give you a button to start from the beginning!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of late...

A and B LOVED their snake snack!

FL fun in the sun!

A with one of her favorite friends at her favorite place

B givin' her momma a flower - melt my heart!

yes, one of my favorite pix - haha! I just love this girl....4 kids later, and THIS is how she looks. #myidol

ONE more thing!

Yep - I'm on Instagram now!! Come follow my blog on Instagram

We're going to start doing a #teachertalktuesday "partay!" (thanks to two of my fave girls!) Click the pic to see who else you can find on instagram!

Ok, I THINK that's it.....I'll be back tomorrow to show you all that we did last week. I didn't get a chance to blog about it last week, sorry!


Orange 'ya glad it's a Blog Hop

I am so excited to be part of a Florida Bloggers blog hop!

I am the...

 photo 2nd_zps30700995.jpg

First, I have a fun product to show off today.

We ALL know how much I love the beach, so for me, these centers could be used all year 'round! But they are also a great way to end the year right before summer.

The Literacy skills include:

-Picture Perfect Summer: Labeling a picture, illustrating it and writing a caption. My kids LOVE doing these in my room!
-Sail Away with Syllables: sorting syllables and breaking apart the syllables
-A Day at the Beach Writing: 3 word banks with pictures and writing templates
-Surfing with Sentences: sorting types of sentences with missing punctuation and students write out the sentences
-Summer Sentence Scramble: unscramble 6 different sentences to write out. The capitalization and punctuation are missing to make them think!
-Summer Sorting: Sorting nouns, verbs, and adjectives

The Math centers include:

-Getting Ready for Summer: going shopping to get ready for summer! there are two cards for each item, one is the least amount of coins, and the other is a different combination of coins. The recording sheets allow the teacher to choose one way for the students to match, or you can use both ways!
-Fractions of the Beach: identifying parts of a group
-Mermaid Math: For this center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do 2 or 3 digit numbers as well as addition or subtraction. You can also mix up the number of digits or addition and subtraction. Or you can have them do all the cards. This center is very easily adaptable so that you can differentiate for your students. 
-"Just Beachy" Numbers:For this center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do 2 or 3 digit numbers. There is a page for either option. You can use a deck of cards, or I have provided cute themed number cards you can copy off! I did 4 copies for one set and each set was a different color. Students do +/- 1, +/- 10, +/-100, 
-Time to Catch a Wave!:For this center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do hour and half hour, or to add in quarter hours. This center is very easily adaptable so that you can differentiate for your students. 
- Summer Matches: Matching single digit addition and/or subtraction to the sum or difference. You can do both sets or just addition or subtraction!

Click any of the pics to check out the pack

And for my freebie for this blog hop, I'm giving you a piece of my It's Beach Time! Math and Literacy Centers pack! Click on the pic to get your Sentence Scramble Freebie!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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