Gumball Rewards!

Ok, so a LONG time ago, I came across a teacher's blog who used an old-school gumball machine in her classroom as part of a reward system. I have to admit, I thought it was so cool! I e-mailed her to see where she got it and she said it was a childhood friend's that gave it to her... LoL...well, that doesn't help much at all!
(I'm so bummed that I can't find that website again! I thought I saved the email, but has disappeared! :( If it was you, let me know, so I can send everyone over to you to see your page!)

ANYWAY, so I've been telling dear Mr. Spouse to be on the lookout - he likes to go to auctions and estate sales as his "2nd job" - haha. WELL...last night, he came home from an auction with THIS....

I am SO excited about it! Mr. Spouse was actually going to use it for their FF union...all the money in the machine would go to their Fire Fighter Union. GREAT idea honey!!! But...don't you remember?? I'd really like it for my classroom! (He actually had NO recollection of this conversation, you know - like most conversations go- lol) He's so good to me, he said I could have it!  Just have to paint it red (of course - it's my FAVE color)...and buy some gumballs (and probably m&ms for the other one). 
My plan is to use in conjunction with my behavior system I have in place already...or maybe as a reward at the end of the week to those who have turned in all their work - YES! That's it!! It'll help me get those little sneakers who like to shove work in their desk...muahahahaha!
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