Nouns, nouns, everywhere nouns!

(ok, did you start singing the "Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign" song??? lol!! I totally have it in my head now! haha)  

So these are simple little posters that I came up with on the spur of the moment...which is why they are so basic - except for the "thing" (the pencil - my intern did that one!)....I will probably make better  cuter versions of the person and place...but they worked for now.

During their 15 minutes of silent reading, I had them focus each day on one of the type of nouns, and they put their little sticky where they found one - I tell ya what, for common nouns, they had the hardest time with place...but for proper nouns?? THING was almost impossible for them to "find," so I had to give each group a type of thing to give me something specific about. 

Anywhosit - after reading, they shared their noun and they got to put it up on the poster...they love them! You can use this with common and proper nouns :)

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