Bat Writing...EEK!

EEK! is right! I totally forgot to take pictures of our bat writing we did last week to put it with my bat post...ooops!
So....HERE it is :)
The accordian book in the middle is their sequencing of HERE to go to the other post to see those.
So, I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of our planning pages we did with our kiddos, BUT you can go my "Writing" section of my blog (click HERE) and there will be lots of examples of how we do our planning. First we brain stormed all that we knew about bats in our circle map. Then we turned the page over and did our 4-square planning with our Grabber flap and Closing flap. 
The grabber said: "Everyone thinks bats are so gross."
And box #1 was something along the lines of "I will tell you three things to change your mind."
Then boxes, #2, 3 and 4 were facts they learned about bats.
The closer was "Now, don't you think bats are cool?!"

I really like how they came out!!

For the bats, they used a tracer - click HERE for that


Runde's Room said...

They turned out sooooo cute! LOVE how they underlined the transition words - I still need to do things like this with my older kiddos.

Runde's Room

Jen R said...

Thank you! Yeah, I totally forgot to mention about the transition words! lol...we were working on our sequencing last week...

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