Cinderella Giveaway!

It's giveaway time!!

This unit is 81 pages of Cinderella-based centers!
There are so many books out there to use with these centers!!

There are reading response activities:
-Story structure, able to use with all different versions
-book suggestions
-Compare and Contrast using venn or double bubble, with writing extension
-sequencing "Dinorella" story with filmstrip illustrations
-label a prince with illustrating and writing a caption
-my favorite Cinderella story

The "word work" activities include:

-phonics sorting, Fairy-tale words (air and are words)
-contraction castle
-using a vs. an in a sentence

Math activities include:

-time, to the hour and half hour, but also with an option to do quarters
-Royal Arrays, groups of (using repeated addition with option of and/or multiplication)
-fraction fairy tales - identifying fractions
-counting by 2s - odd numbers
-spin a prince - (with option to use a probability activity) graphing with math extensions

To win??

Enter our debate that we had at school today...

We read the James Marshall version of the story today- and Cinderella moved her evil stepsisters into the castle and found them a husband too. 
We had a debate - would you be able to forgive people who were so horrible to you to something so nice for them???

Leave me your answer in your comment!!
plus, it'd be really nice if you followed my blog and stores too! :)

Ok - there you go!

I will announce winner on Wednesday night, and then I'll keep this unit on sale for an extra day since it missed one day of the sale. :)

Winner has been announced!!!

Congratulations, Amber!!


Rita said...

I think I could forgive them in the far off future, but not reward them for their horrible treatment.

And... I follow you!

Jessica said...

It would take awhile but I would forgive. I would like to think I would be a person who would help them out even after everything.
And of course I follow you and your store.

Apples and Papers

Chrissy said...

I think the new husbands would need to forgive Cinderella, lol! She must have quite a bit of faith that love would bring about personality changes in her stepsisters. :-)

I follow you!!

Swersty said...

Maybe I could forgive, but I know I wouldn't be moving them into the castle and finding husbands for them!
I love your blog and have been following you for a while now...
Swersty’s Swap Shop

Linda said...

I would be able to forgive them, it would take time to build the relationship. Maybe I could move thm into the guest house.
I follow your blog too!


Lisa R. said...
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Lisa R. said...

If they were truly sorry, I could forgive them, because that's my nature. However, I don't think that I would go as far as to spoil them with castles and husbands!

I love & follow your blog!!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

I would forgive them...but castles and husbands...that's just too kind! I wouldn't be able to live freely knowing people who once hated me so much continue to live around me and can cause me harm. Love this!

love and follow your blog :)

Susie Q said...

I would forgive my evil stepsisters, but castles and husbands -- I think NOT! I would just continue to clean for them.

I love your blog and your store!

Tammy said...

Well yes of course I follow you everywhere don't you feel the hairs standing up on the back of your neck??? LOl I love this unit, and I have been around long enough to know (and to have sadly learned in my MANY years) that nothing good comes from holding a grudge, or holding on to hurt feelings. Forgiveness sets you free and gives you a life worth living.
First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

Angie said...

I would forgive but it might take a little extra cleaning done by them for ME! lol I don't think I would be getting them husbands, but then again---I guess that would mean that they'd definitely be leaving my man alone! ;) Guess that could also go along with that saying, Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?!!?!?

Love your blog and stores too!
Rulin' the Roost

Elizabeth said...

It would be difficult, but I would make sure to forgive. It's harder on me to carry the burden of being angry.

Hope you have a great week. This unit looks fab!


Fun in Room 4B

shan19 said...

I might be able to forgive- after a LOOOONG time!! I am a new follower- thanks for the chance to win!

Barbara said...

Ooooo, we had this discussion in guidance this week. Question: Why is it SO important to forgive people? That led to this: Whom is the forgiveness really for? And then a discussion about if you'd be able to forgive a drunk driver who killed someone . . . kids pretty much did NOT think they could . . . it's a tough one. I kept hearing "7 X 70" from my childhood days in the parochial school . . . and my heart telling me that holding onto a grudge is like carrying around a sack of rotten potatoes.

GREAT post!

The Corner On Character

Heidi said...

I agree with many others when they say I could forgive, but it would be hard for me to go to the extremes of finding husbands for them. I wouldn't be mean, but it would take a long time for the relationship to be restored. I follow your blog and I love it :) I am still learning blogging. Stop by and check me out sometime. :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Fitbecky said...

Yes, I could forgive. As they say, "kindness kills." Perhaps the sisters would finally feel a little bit of guilt and change their attitude towards Cinderella.

2nd Grade Rocks!

Amanda Reynolds said...

I think in the end I'd be able to forgive but it'd be very had and would take a lot of will power and reading of the Bible! Now I can be entered - yay :) following the blog!

Heather Shelton said...

I would forgive, but it would take a really long time.

Lori Rosenberg said...

I have a short memory, so I'd be able to forget, but not forgive! LOL! Just kidding! I think it would make me feel better to forgive, so that's what I'm going with.

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Yvonne Dixon said...

Hey Jen! I love this and just bought it from your TpT store. I would like to make a tiered math tub with a fairy tale theme this summer. Maybe we can do a fairy tale giveaway together soon. Just give me time to get it together. What do you think? Thanks!-Yvonne Dixon (Sassy in Second)

Amanda said...

I don't think I would really forgive them, probably just move on and live my life without thinking about them. Why waste your time, energy, and mind on people who are not worth it? :)

Your fairy tale unit looks adorable!!

First Grade Garden

Delighted said...

Tough question & I can definitely see why it could cause quite a debate. I know personally, I (on my own) would have a really really hard time forgiving them. However, I also know that the Bible tells me to forgive as the Lord forgave me. So... I would have to choose to forgive them to be obedient to God's command. Forgetting... that would never happen!

First Grade Delight

Pocketful of Littles said...

I could I think at least

I have learned that the things you are most angry and upset at don't really affect the other person

They tend to not remember what they did that made you so upset but you have spent many hours, day, weeks or years with pint up anger

Does not good to hold on to things

Just forgive, not for the other person but so that you can move on
Shuna P

Rachel said...

I would probably forgive, but I doubt I would have them move in with me and my prince!

rmariemuniz(at) hotmail(dot)com

Suzy Q said...

Absolutely not. (That's why my favorite Cinderella is the one where the sisters cut off their heels and/or toes to fit the slipper AND the birds peck their eyes out at the end. Yes, you CAN get sixth graders interested in Cinderella and fairy tales if you read that one to them first. I had them eating out of my hand after that...) Back to your question. I would probably seem/act ok on the outside, but I don't forget easily on the inside.

Ashlee said...

Well, I would forgive them (because that's the right thing to do) BUT, I wouldn't move them into my castle or find them a husband. No sir-re!!
I'm sure this was a great story for your kids. I'll have to remember this for next school year!

Lori said...

I follow your blog and TPT store. I would be able to forgive but I don't forget so I am not sure if I could or would want to move them into my "castle."

Tricia said...

I would forgive them and I am a new follower. I would love to win this unit. I am moving fom kindergarten to second grade next year and I know they do a big Cinderella study.

sarah said...

Humm..that depends. I would try but sometimes it's just SO hard! :)

Angie Rush said...

You can forgive, but can you ever really forget? I think the girl in me would forgive, but I don't think I would forget. Maybe set them up with goofy husbands :)

Anonymous said...

I think that it would take time but I could forgive them since I had found true happiness and didn't have to do anything with them anymore. Now I don't think that I could get them two great husbands that would be hard and I definitely wouldn't want them in the same building as me, even if it was a castle and I could live in one area and they in another. I follow your blog and your unit looks great.

gd2bqn said...

Forgive. Cinderella will be much happier in her pathway through life forgiving. But only after she's made her sisters struggle for a while. It's only fair, right?

hcarp said...

i would forgive but not reward them. I follow you.

EMpowered said...

Looove this! Too cute! I like to think I would forgive them. Forget and move on with life!


Amber said...

I would forgive them but it would take awhile.

Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

danae said...

Forgiveness would come after a long while. And even then, it may only be surface deep. Giving them the castle and husbands- not so much. Great question and I really had to sit back and think about it before I responded.

Ms. Akin said...

I can forgive but not forget. I do what I can to keep from being set up for the same kind of thing happening again.

Tiffany said...

We teach our children to forgive and not to hold grudges so I would have to say yes, I would forgive, but not necessarily forget how they had treated me.

I follow your TPT and Blog!


Kim said...

Forgive yes, finding husbands? Well, I have to wonder unless she did get them back by picking out "duds"! I follow your blog:)

susanlulu said...

Yes, I'd be able to forgive (I have many times) and would be able to be nice to them. (also have done) Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all did this! I try to do my part daily........

susanlulu said...

I'm susanlulu above...
I follow you!

Keys4Education said...

Wow! I would like to think I would do something similar. If nothing else, the story is a model for everyone! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

travel teach and love said...

I'd love to say that I could forgive their evil AND do something so wonderful for each of them. However, I know myself by now and I'm sad to admit that I can be very stubborn and have been known to hold grudges. It would take a long time to forgive. Isn't that sad?! I teach children! (I'm working on this...)
:) Of course I am a follower of yours, too.
- Amanda {}
Inspired in Second

Storie said...

I think I'm the type who forgives, but doesn't forget. I would probably show forgiveness to the step-sisters, but I wouldn't turn right around and give them immediate, favorable rewards. It takes time to earn my trust back. I just started following you and love what you have done with your blog. Mine is just getting started.

sh said...

I think eventually... the ole "kill em with kindness." We have had similar discussions in class and it's always so fascinating that some kids are so willing to forgive while others' sense of fairness revolves around complete karma!

Meaghan said...

Maybe I could forgive someone, but finding them a husband?! I need to find myself a husband first haha!

seward509 said...

I think at some point we need to forgive because otherwise the only one we keep hurting is ourselves by dwelling on it...

I follow your blog religiously!!!

mohit said...

Your style and passion for writing is contagious. Thank you for sharing this way!

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