The end is near...

We only have TEN days left of school!!!!

Usually, I'd be CRAZY happy, but this year, I really like my students, and I have SO much more I wanted to teach, but I just don't have the time. 

BUT, that does mean I get to have beach day everyday! ha!

I am starting to pack up my ENTIRE room -remember, we're debuggging the school so EVERYONE has to pack up EVERYTHING.

It's really killing me, because the order and organization and OCD part of me is going crazy!!

Needless to say, this week would be a good week to join Holly's Good, Bad, and Ugly linky! lol

Well, next week, I'm doing a camping theme...

I opted to just buy some camping units - so I have Cara's unit and Hope's unit.  
(I don't even need to tell you who they are - you know them, right?! lol)

I really want to put up a tent, but I don't have a small cute one...maybe I'll put out a request on my FB to see if anyone has one.

Also, if you have any fabulous ideas, leave me some comments!!!

And I'm so excited, because my last week, I'm doing a BEACH theme!! Yeah buddy!!!

Look - That's ME on the cover! ha!!

It most certainly is!! I'm blondE, and I surf (well, when someone watches my girls for me!).
I'm so excited - it's so super cute - and bright - and cheery - and so ME!!! lol

We ALL know how much I love the beach, so for me, these centers could be used all year 'round! But they are also a great way to end the year right before summer.

The Literacy skills include:

-Picture Perfect Summer: Labeling a picture, illustrating it and writing a caption. My kids LOVE doing these in my room!
-Sail Away with Syllables: sorting syllables and breaking apart the syllables
-A Day at the Beach Writing: 3 word banks with pictures and writing templates
-Surfing with Sentences: sorting types of sentences with missing punctuation and students write out the sentences
-Summer Sentence Scramble: unscramble 6 different sentences to write out. The capitalization and punctuation are missing to make them think!
-Summer Sorting: Sorting nouns, verbs, and adjectives

The Math centers include:

-Getting Ready for Summer: going shopping to get ready for summer! there are two cards for each item, one is the least amount of coins, and the other is a different combination of coins. The recording sheets allow the teacher to choose one way for the students to match, or you can use both ways!
-Fractions of the Beach: identifying parts of a group
-Mermaid Math: For this center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do 2 or 3 digit numbers as well as addition or subtraction. You can also mix up the number of digits or addition and subtraction. Or you can have them do all the cards. This center is very easily adaptable so that you can differentiate for your students. 
-"Just Beachy" Numbers:For the next center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do 2 or 3 digit numbers. There is a page for either option. You can use a deck of cards, or I have provided cute themed number cards you can copy off! I did 4 copies for one set and each set was a different color. Students do +/- 1, +/- 10, +/-100
-Time to Catch a Wave!:For the next center, the teacher has the option of deciding if the students do hour and half hour, or to add in quarter hours. This center is very easily adaptable so that you can differentiate for your students. 

It's on sale for the weekend....and you can buy it in separate bundles too...just in case you like one more than other - but if you buy them together, you get a deal. :)

click the pic to download a few sentence scramblers for free - part of my unit! :)

I can't wait to show y'all pictures from our camping week this coming week....I have been SO BAD taking pictures, which is SO odd because I always have it right next to me....

Ok, we just got back from the beach, so I must go make lunch and clean house!!

Happy Saturday y'all!!


Kelley Cirrito said...

Did you get my email???

Kristen said...

This looks so adorable Jen! I am very envious--we have 29 days left :/ though I adore my class and don't mind too much (just like sleeping in and going to the beach too!)

Elizabeth said...

Only 10? Enjoy the last few. I've got 13 so I'm not that far behind you :)


Fun in Room 4B

Lori said...

The camping theme sounds like so much fun! You could make and serve smores!
Conversations in Literacy

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see pics of your camping theme!
That clipart of you is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Jenn Bates said...

Very cute!! Thanks for the freebie.
Finally in First

Deb Chitwood said...

I LOVE your Summer Sentence Scramble, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. I featured it in my monthly post at PreK + K Sharing: Deb @

Ashlee said...

I did a camping theme back in September. We went on a "hike" around the school and the kids had to use describing words for the "things they saw." After out hike we went to our campsite and made s'mores and told scary stories. I brought in flashlights and sleeping bags. It was part of my personal narrative unit. The kids then had to write a personal narrative about their "hike." it was sooooo much fun!!

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