Giant Sales going on and my Fairy-Tale Pack!

Don't forget!!! GIANT sale going on at TPT!!!

and I'm also having a sale at my TN store!

I'm working on getting my Fairy Tale pack up...

When I say I do a Cinderella unit, I'm not talking just the regular Cinderella story...nope.

Here are just a FEW of the different stories we use during our Cinderella week - 

here's what's included in the pack...

Story structure - able to use with all different versions
Compare and Contrast using venn or double bubble - with writing extension

 sequencing "Dinorella" story with filmstrip illustrations
label a prince with illustrating and writing a caption
my favorite Cinderella story

 phonics sorting - Fairy-tale words (air and are words)
contraction castle
using a vs. an in a sentence


 groups of (using repeated addition with option of mult.)
 fraction fairy tales - just matching up the fractions
 counting by 2s - odd numbers
 and spin a prince - graphing with math extensions...

It's packed with fun stuff!!

So take advantage and stock up
my cart is already PACKED with things from FABulous sellers!!

Here are just "a few of my favorite things!" from my store...
(I always bust out in song when I say that - you know...from The Sound of Music?? lol!)

Ok - I must go do my Sunday routine...beach, clean, plan for work! ha!


Halle said...

Your Cinderella packet looks great! I love reading all the mixed-up fairytale versions to my class, but they always seem to love the original the most!

I'll be stocking my cart!

Across the Hall in 2nd

Tonya said...

Such great things you have! And your blog is SOOOO cute and adorable!
Come check out mine at


Tara said...

Your units are so fun and colorful and creative and wonderful and, and, and.....

Love them.....send some of that creativity my way please!!

4th Grade Frolics

Doris Young said...

You do top quality work! Amazing stuff!!!

Ms. Gaither said...

I am having a linky party for the sale at Teacher Notebook. Swing over and link up so others can click on your store and shop for goodies!

meet me at the zoo...

Eileen Griffin said...

I just love the looks of your Cinderella unit! When do you think it will be ready for TPT? I cannot wait to grab it ;0) I already went a little crazy with the sale. Why not push my self over the edge and go full blown nuts! LOL. Thank you for creating so many cute units.
Eileen Griffin
Second Grade Sunshine!

Eileen Griffin said...

Just received the email from TPT! Yahoo! Cinderella I am coming to buy you!,

Jen R said...

ha! eileen, you are awesome!! thabk yiu!!
I just saw something I need to change, so ill be changing it when I get home tonight...I don't have the fonts on my computer at work to edit go back tonight and redownload :)

Peter said...

I'm working on getting my Fairy Tale pack up...

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