Cinderella winner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

OMGosh - y'all had some FABulous answers!!!


I'd like to say I'd forgive and forget.

But, I know me - it's not that I WOULDN'T forgive, I'd probably just move away and never look back.

I wouldn't think about it one way or another.

Is that wrong??? lol

Random number generator picked 34, which was....


Check your email!!

Ok, I'm off to put the girls to bed.

I still have the pack on sale at both TpT and TN...also, my TN store is on sale 25% off everything!! 

There's a nice rainstorm going on right now - a nice, relaxing night ahead! 


Tammy said...

Nope, Nope I think you random generator thingymagig is broken I was supposed to WIN!!!
Fine! I will FORGET and FORGIVE just this once! hee hee Congrats to the winner.

First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

Unknown said...

OMGGGG .. my silly busy life made me missthis!!!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Unknown said...

Lucky her :) Congrats to the winner! Your units are fabulous!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

Cinderella party favors said...

I know, this is remarkably cute.

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