More Robert Munsch, Geometry, and reading mini-lessons

Ok, so yesterday when I told you how CRAZY this week had been? It's much better now. I had to call about FIVE parents yesterday to let them know their kids were BEYOND crazy! And I was LOVING today. I actually wrote a lot of "Love Notes" to their parents today letting them know that they had a MUCH better day. It's amazing how excited kids get over love notes like that.

I had one kid standing in line to get his "Thursday" folder that saw a kid in front of him getting a note in his folder. Then it was his turn. "Hey, I want a note too!" Wellll.... when you stop faking that you're sick and actually do the work I give you to do, then I'll write you one too!

Yeah... I THINK that might have done the trick. He got this big ole smile on his face. we will see how he is tomorrow. But I have hope.

This week, we are wrapping up my Robert Munsch unit. I love doing Robert Munsch, because I don't actually have to read. I do all the listening to the stories on his website. He is a PHENOMENAL reader! By the second time that we read a book, the kids are saying the words like he does - it is hysterical! And when they talk for the rest of the day, they'll try to sound like him. I LOVE it! Click the pic to check out his site.

Last week, we did Aaron's Hair.

This week, we've been focusing on Alligator Baby. Super cute story!

So they did a SWBSF...on their own this time!

I did go over with them after they wrote out the planning sheet, we conferenced one-on-one.

Then, they wrote it out in a paragraph...again, on their own. BUT, I did conference with them - because tomorrow is their test and they have to be able to do it ON THEIR OWN without any help from me. The motivator to get their centers finished this week was so that they could do Jessica's Alligator craft (from her Animals A to Z pack - LOVE it!). I think they turned out SUPER cute!
(The story summarizer is mine though)

In math, it was a shift in gears today... 


I noticed I don't really have anything to "share" with you in geometry (YET - lol), BUT, the kids LOVE when we bust out the geoboards!

Today, it was all about QUADRILATERALS.

I wanted them to see that a quadrilateral was ANY 4-sided long as the sides were straight. They tried making fun shapes and curves and such. Nope. Sorry. Straight Lines are the only ones invited to our party. lol

Look at them going to town!

And then they headed off to do their math centers. This one is the Money Pot

And the measurement is from the Pot O' Gold Math centers
They did both customary and non-standard, to get practice with both.

And, I wanted to show you one of my favorite ways to teach grammar...aside from my sentence imitation writings. Book searches during silent reading time.

Do you do a daily silent reading time? We do. EVERY day, they read for 15 minutes. Same time, every day. Right after lunch (we have recess in the morning between reading and math). And no, I don't do the Daily 5. I don't like them to read silently in a center...because I can't keep my eye on them and with the commotion of the other centers, how could they focus!? SO, we just ALL do it every day at the same time. I LOVE it.

I give them a "skill" to be looking for while they are reading. After their time is up, I'll call on a few kids to share. Today I had a few kids that wanted to give me words that ended with -ed but weren't really suffixes. But I'm glad that they tried to give me those, because then I was able to do a quick mini lesson. AND we talked about doubling consonants (forgetting) and dropping e's to add -ing (sharing), so the lesson sometimes leads to other lessons, ALL without having a workbook page! woo! (did that sound like a paid-for

Tomorrow is Friday, my friends! Hope it's a good one!


Mrs. Lynes said...

I do daily 5 and the only time they don't have a choice is during read to self. We all do it at the same time. I totally agree-I think they'd be distracted otherwise.

Meagan said...

I love the idea of having them look for a grammar skill. I will have to try that sometime. :)

Elementary AMC said...

I love using Robert Munsch books - mostly because my students love them so much. We even do a dress-up like a Robert Munsch character day.

Looking From Third to Fourth

luckeyfrog said...

Okay, I LOVE that you called your kid on his reason for not getting a note. I think sometimes kids don't realize that the notes are earned, and not just arbitrary! I hope your kids stay a little less crazy :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Heather said...
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Heather said...

My students love the geoboards too! I mean, they literally cheer when I say we're getting out the geoboards in math. We do whole class silent reading time too! It's right after lunch/second recess, so it's a great way to calm down before we start the afternoon subjects!

Mrs. Wathen said...

I do daily 5 and they do it during their rotations:)

I love the geoboards too!

The Resourceful Apple

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