Got in my groove for geometry

Hey friends!

Just a quick note to let you know how I spent my FIRST official day of spring break....

Nope, no beach, sorry....

BUT, I did take a joy ride with my girls  - we just had to be outside today, it was so beautiful!

AND....(I can't believe I'm getting ready to show you this)
I would like to have back the hour it took  me to do THIS pile...

that's what happens when you're sick for a week I guess - blarg!

BUT, then I went back outside and I started getting to work on my geometry pack - It was SO hard to get into it...but as soon as I started it, then I was able to get in my groove - ha!

SO, let me introduce you to my new 2-D pack - HOT off the press! lol

This pack is filled with activities to do with your students for 2-D shapes!
Included is:
Vocabulary Cards 
Student created books
Polygon Tree Maps - Teacher and student edition
Compare and Contrast shapes - with writing extension
I Have, Who Has with 2-D shapes and real life examples
Shape Tables - filling out information and comparing shapes
Shape Hunt - 2 versions: going on a shape hunt in school and a page hunt, coloring each shape according to the color code
Literature Connection - Making Shape Pictures with labeling shapes
Geoboard Shapes
Geoboard Shapes Student Books

For more geometry, check out my Hands-On Fractions pack!

AND a 3-D Geometry pack is coming soon!

Get it on sale until Tuesday night!


Jess said...

Wow your packets look awesome! I could not get in the groove today. I made an opening/title page but that's it. The weather was beautiful I just wish it was 8 degrees warmer!
Rambling About Reading

Mrs. Griffith said...

You are one determined teacher to be working on spring break AND with the weather that pretty! Looks fabulous!!

For the Love of First Grade

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