Common Core packs! and some freebies!

Well, I think I maybe a little cross-eyed now, but I'm finally FINISHED!!! I FINALLY finished my 2nd Grade Common Core packs....

I actually like to keep all these in a binder too - but I'm not going to show you those right now, because I want to print up my "prettier" version of what I just updated and then I'll take those pictures. BUT, click the pics to go check them out!

Need an organized way to keep track of which standards you teach and which students have mastered those standards? I have set up EACH standard into a "gradebook" so that you can easily keep track of your students' progress throughout the year. Just print out and write in your students' names!

Need to display your standards? I have typed up each standard in student-friendly wording. I also broke up the standards that are longer into separate standards. 

When you download the product, it will be a zip file, with two different version - one version has straight print, and the "Kid Writing" version has a kid-type print. You choose which one you want to print and display!

You can buy them separately or buy them BUNDLED!!

I've already gotten requests for K, 1, and 3 - ha! I WUB you guys!!

I will get to them, I promise! :)

Also - if you already saw my visual plans, go back and check them out, I forgot about my fluency page we're doing this week....

AND ONE more thing....

Do you "like" of my Facebook Page?? I posted some FREE April Calendar cards for you to download!

Ok, I must go to the beach now....tomorrow I am returning to work, and I have to get in my last Spring Break beach day!


elizabeth.parce said...

Have fun at the beach! By the way I went to the fan freebie on Facebook but it wasn't calendar pieces it was a worksheet for practicing sight words. I like the worksheet but the calendar pieces look really cute. Liz in South Dakota

Unknown said...

Looks great! Have fun at the beach!!
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Jen R said...

@Elizabeth - click the pic of the calendar cards, and it should take you to the picture of it on my FB page. It takes me there when I click on it.

Kathy said...

Do you have these fluency pages that are available for purchase?

Jen R said...

Kathy, do you mean like the one I have posted as a freebie? No, I don't currently.... but I could put that on my "to-do" list. :)

dreamgirl said...

I would LOVE those fluency pages as well! I was just searching for them!

elizabeth.parce said...

Got the calendar pack freebie. Thanks Jen. I live your work and the freebies you share. I purchased the Common Core bundle (for second grade) as a gift for my teaching bestie. She will be thrilled. Thanks for your hard work. Liz

Jen R said...

Bridget- I am putting them on my list to do. I've gotten so many "requests" for that now since I posted this freebie! :) I'm so glad y'all like it!
Elizabeth - thank you! I'm so glad you like them, and I hope your friend does too!

Heidi said...

Your common core pack looks great Jen.

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Mrs. Wheeler said...

Thanks for linking up, Jen! I am going to take a look at your 1st grade CC grade book now!

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