Working with Money - Part 2!

AND, I wanted to let you know that I have made my "Part 2" of my money pack -this one works with coins AND Dollars. I'm super excited to get my kids working with it!

This pack has TONS of activities to get your students working with money!

Money value sheets - in color and b/w for both coins and dollars
Ways to make a dollar tree map or flip-foldable
How Much Money? game board
Let's Go Shopping - matching coins to the price - can also be used as a walk around the room
Can I Get It? - Add the money to see if they have enough - and if not, figure out what they need
More or Less than a Dollar?(THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!) - make a wallet and sort the money cards in the folds of the wallet 
Put 'em In Order - greatest to least or least to greatest
I Have, Who Has - two different levels
Word Worth - with coins and dollars

Just starting out working with money? Check out my Working with Coins pack!

Get it while it's on Sale until Friday night!

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I'm super excited to finances get my kids working with i.

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