Math is so fun!

I'm SOOOOO incredibly proud of my students.... they got one of THE hardest things to teach today in like TWO practice problems!!

Subtraction with regrouping is so incredibly hard....but regrouping ACROSS ZEROS?!?

Usually I'd be pulling out my hair.

BUT, I knew that I needed to start teaching it soon, so I made their mystery number for the week (from my Numbers Every Day pack)


KNOWING that one day this week would be an addition and subtraction problem.

SO... today's subtraction problem was 305-186. I didn't tell them how to do it because I wanted to see their thought processes first. I was SO excited that pretty much ALL of them knew they couldn't borrow from the 0...but it was funny to watch them struggle around it. hehe

So then I showed them one time....

then we did one together...

and THEN, I gave them a few more...and BY GEORGE, the got it!! I was so excited!!

So, then I brought out the cards... I use them as my "random number generator" ALL the time. I'm sure I've posted before in my blog about them. So, I made the top number an even hundred number and ten pulled 3 cards to make the bottom number.  We did a few of those (math is always more fun when cards are involved)

And then we did a few rounds of some of the games from my Math with a Deck of Cards pack

Speaking of math, I wanted to show you my NEW version of my morning messages. I got all excited about doing them again after seeing Megan's post about her morning messages. Then I saw Reagan's morning messages

I don't have a smart board, or whatever you call them.... BUT, I do have a doc cam that I can project them onto. So, I started doing them this way. My kids LOVE it. They never know what it's going to say. today was a math problem - giving me 10 more and 10 less than the numbers on the bottom. Then they bring their boards with them to the morning meetings so we can go over it.

And I have to tell you - remember how I brought a kite in to teach them how to fly a kite...and so we can do our writing that I have planned??

Well, they are so cute - they BEG to bring it out at recess every day...and today one of my girls brought her kite in to fly to! It was so cute seeing all these kids running around flying kites - melted my heart, really. Good thing the month of March is short - and it's really the only TRUE windy month, or else I think the novelty of kite flying would ware off quickly. lol

They're doing REALLY good with the kite fact, for the how-to (from Lori's pack), they're giving me SO many specific details, I have to get smart and help them summarize each step. Now I'm on a hunt for a cute kite craft....

I mean, NOW, I'm off so I can do my portfolio for my evaluation evidence to prove that I'm a good teacher. Can't they just use my blog as evidence?? lol


The Daily Alphabet said...

It's such an awesome feeling when they get a concept!

The Daily Alphabet

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Please send us some of those blue skies!


Unknown said...

This looks fantastic! I am going to have to go check out your products! This concept is so hard to teach!

Leanne said...

Love this! The math games, kite flying, and especially the idea of our blogs as evidence of teacher awesomeness!!! You are an amazing teacher!


Karlie said...

WOW! So jealous! My 2nd graders are working on that this week as well. We're getting there, but we're definitely not's hard. We're doing lots of small group practice:)

We are ALL Special! said...

Thank you for your great ideas. I just shared/blogged a link to your blog and one of your activities I did in my literacy center this week. Check out the pictures of my students loving your superheros adjectives and thanks again for that wonderful FREEBIE!!

Kimee said...

It does feel really good when our students get the concept! I really like your idea about using cards for random number draws. Such a great way! Thanks for that great idea :)

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