Updated geometry - already!

Hey guys - just a quick note that if you already bought and downloaded my 2-D Geometry pack, go back and download it! I just added more activities to it! I woke up this morning with some more (duh!) ideas....activities that I always do with 2-D geometry.

I added a literature connection activity - making shape pictures with labeling the shapes AND some Geoboard activities! (Don't worry, if you don't have Geoboards, you can still do these activities!)

So let me reiterate what's included....

Vocabulary Cards 
Student created books
Polygon Tree Maps - Teacher and student edition
Compare and Contrast shapes - with writing extension
I Have, Who Has with 2-D shapes and real life examples
Shape Tables - filling out information and comparing shapes
Shape Hunt - 2 versions: going on a shape hunt in school and a page hunt, coloring each shape according to the color code
Literature Connection activity -  Shape Pictures with labeling shapes
Geoboard Shapes
Geoboard Shapes Books

It's still on sale until tonight (Tuesday)!! Snag it now!

Check it out HERE
My friend just posted this - it's the weather for today.... did Mother Nature forget that it's my SPRING BREAK and I want to be at the BEACH?!

Here is my mantra....

except, I can't get to the beach - because of this weather! argh!! 

Ok, I guess, I will try to figure out something else then...lol


Miss Squirrels said...

Great looking unit! Trapezoids are the most awesome shape! I can't wait to see them in your pack!
Going Nutty!

Kelley Cirrito said...

Aren't you suppose to be on Spring Break..that means NO working silly!! Have fun, today was my first day back!!!

Sarah Paul said...

I couldn't resist the sale! Just bought your geometry pack and it looks amazing! I'm on spring break too and we're supposed to have sunny weather part of this week! That NEVER happens here! I hope you're weather forecast changes and you get some sun!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Kristy said...

My mom lived in Palm Bay for about a year! The weather has been about the same up here in North Florida, but when we go back to school next week, it should be back in the 80's!
Teachin' First

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