Our week in picture summary

Here are just a few pictures of what we've been up to - this week... I've been trying to get better at taking pictures again.

We finished our bear writing! We used my Bear Snores On Pack and they used the organizer in the pack to help plan out their thoughts (forgot to take that picture), and then wrote out the sloppy copy, and after I conferred with them they wrote their neat copy. 

But what I really love about these writings is HOW they did the bears. I just put some paint on the paper and they painted the paper. Then they took a plastic knife (I would've preferred a fork, but I didn't have one of those..lol) and they scraped the paint to make the hair.

After is dried, they traced the bear and cut it out and glued it down on paper with their writing.

We also started my Robert Munsch activities. We listened to Aaron's Hair on Robert Munsch's website.

Then, they did problem and solution in their learning journal.

Then, they did a SWBSF and summarized the story. I LOVE SWBSF because there are many different waits to write it out. But it also makes them think if they can take that thought all the way to the end. I asked one kid who the "somebody" should be and he started with Aaron's Hair...everyone thought he was wrong, but I asked him if he could take it all the way to the end...
"Aaron's Hair, WANTED to be liked, BUT no one did, SO he kept running away. FINALLY Aaron caught up with him and told him he liked him and he went back to Aaron."

See??? Most people would've started with Aaron. That's why I like it. 

And I wanted to show you a little trick....you know I use cards a lot to teach math.

WELL...the only technology I have in my room is a doc cam. Which I'm totally thankful for, but it's no smart board or iPad or anything....ha!

WELL - you know the perfect little cards to put on the doc cam???

TRAVEL size! 

Look how TINY these are! 
(Teeny - these are perfect for you! ha!)

Here are a few more things we've been doing in math - that come from my Deck of Cards pack.

and also, we've been TRYING to finish our pen pal letters...omgosh these kids take FOREVER writing letters our friends in Japan...but I just want to show you Suzy, they ARE writing them!!

And, you know how I tell you in my visual plans that we use the phonics poems book for fluency throughout the week?? Just wanted to show you a little snippet of what we do with them. 

I retype them so they can't see the bold-faced words (the book bold-types the phonics words). We do a series of fluency and partner reads and choral reads and such through out the week. They circle words that follow the phonics rule. Then they illustrate it. 

Whew! ok - so that's a summary of our week.

On my FB page, I shared the cover to my evidence log I have to do for my evaluation

I got a few requests to show what's in my binder. I took a few pictures today. So I'll post about it tomorrow for you. 


Elizabeth said...

Those bears are so awesome! Your kids did a great job!

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